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About Us

Welcome to AxomLive. We, at AxomLive provide you a one stop shop for all your search results related to jobs in both Private and government sectors; recruitments; vacancies and sakori in North East India and Assam. We are on a mission to take the Assamese Film Industry to the heights of glory. Success in our mission will bring new frontiers in the Assamese cinema and Jollywood will gain such fame and popularity that the entire world will be attracted towards Jollywood, and we will be having the Assamese films dubbed in different languages. AxomLive is doing everything that it can to create an impression of Jollywood and Assamese films on the web. We are bringing the Assamese Cinema in front of the people and making Jollywood famous among them.

Jollywood has always entertained the audience with some really beautiful and high-quality films. Do you want to see what happens behind the scenes in your favorite movies? See the amazing reactions of your favorite movie stars. AxomLive here will feature all the info about behind the scene moments of Jollywood films. Get to know about all the happenings in Jollywood industry. Which films are hitting the screens in the next days? Superstar gossips, new contracts of films with your favorite movie stars, some unique and entertaining interview and press conferences of actors and administrators- all this and much more, in short- a jam packed entertainment package is here in front of you at AxomLive.

AxomLive is basically a portal that came into being by the efforts and thinking of a few people. But with time, many people have contributed and played their role in succeeding this portal. AxomLive will like to acknowledge the contribution of all the supporters, friends and other people who made this platform successful and popular. There are many friends from the business who are included in this list but not to forget the contribution of our valuable readers and subscribers from India and also from the rest of the world who contributed their efforts and encouraged us a lot.

So, keep visiting AxomLive because we have a lot to offer to you. Summarizing the content of our website, we offer you the following:

  • Find job opportunities according to the location. Here, at AxomLive, you will find all the job postings in Assam, North East India, and Guwahati
  • Full of entertainment stuff. We have all the latest movies and music videos for you. Our website works on all platforms like Android, desktop or mobile,
  • Complete range of entertainment news of Assamese Films. This is a platform that has made all the Assamese cinema films available to you at one single location. Enjoy your favorite movies and get to know about the information of cinema like behind the scene images, the schedule of new releases, promos of different movies, interviews with actors, You can watch all the awesome Jollywood videos over here.
  • Assamese TV channels. Get the information of your favorite TV channels. Latest reveals, critiques, and insights on TV channels and programs is provided.

We assure you that you will have a good time at this website. We provide you with a session that is filled with entertainment.