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Abdul Mazid

Abdul Mazid was born in 1931 at Old Balibat, Jorhat. He is a actor, director, writer, dramatist of assamese film industry. As a director, he directed many films like Maram Trishna, Chameli Memsaab, Banahangsa, Banjui, Ponakan, Uttarkaal, Mon etc. He has directed TV Serials and Telefilms like “NaamGhariya”, “Ajaga”, “Jor Puri Haat”, “Dapon” (two episodes), “Agnigarbha”, (on DDk Dibrugarh), “Hatora”, “Segun Puli Ruba Kone”, “Ram-Rahim”, “Romanthan” etc. He acted more than 40 films in various roles.


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