Anima Choudhury

Anima Choudhury

Anima Chowdhiry is one of the leading female voices of Assam. She was the main female playback singer in the film Putalar Ghar. She sang for another assamese movie “Prem Janame Janame”, “Mukuta” etc.

Her song “O Pran Gopal Patila Mayare Khela” became a hit overnight. The songs “suwa suwa katha kuwa”, luka bahku khelu aha, “Dikhau Noi Parare” still remain etched in the public mind.

Dr. Anima Choudhary was born in Nalbari. Dr Choudhary is a “A” grade artist of All India Radio and Doordarsan, where she has sung innumerable songs.

Anima Choudhury sang for a number of cassettes and CD of Assamese Modern song, Kamrupi Lokageet, Goalparia Lokageet, Bargeet, Bihugeet, Tokarigeet, Biyanaam, Namghosha, Rajasthani Geet Jyoti Sangeet, BishnuRava Geet etc.

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