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Gayatri Mahanta | Assamese Actress

Gayatri Mahanta (গায়ত্রী মহন্ত) is the best actress in Assam. Gayatri Mahanta was born on 14th February 1982 in Guwahati, Assam, India. Her parents are both opera artists and very found of Satria culture of Assam. She has started her schooling at Home town Guwahati. Later, she has completed her bachelor degree from Guwahati University.

She has started her carrier as a model in North East Mega fashion show in Hotel Brahamoputra Ashoka (Guwahati) in 1995. She has been offered Assamese VCD flim producer and film maker Abdul Majid for his new bihu VCD Junbai 1996.

Gayatri Mahanta is a very found of Bihu songs and Dances and she has attended various competitive Bihu Dances. She has appeared in many VCD film series such as ANJANA, JAANMONI, JUNBAI, APSARA, NAGINI and many more. Also she has seen in traveling theaters every year as a drama artist and she has become more popular among the theater lovers.

Gayatri Mahanta


  1. She is so beautiful, I like her.

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