Hiranya Das | Famous Assamese Actor

Hiranya Das | Famous Assamese Actor

Hiranya Das is a talented and handsome actor in Assamese Film Industry. Hiranya, a young talented actor, has gained popularity for his various types of roles. He has done more than 20 films, TV serials, VCD, etc.

Hiranya Das, Assamese Actor

Starting his acting career as a hero in the film Sapon, Hiranya has carved a niche for himself in the field with his impressive performances, in films like Joubane Amoni Kore, Bukur Majat Jwale, Hiya Diya Niya, Daag, Nayak, Junaki Maan, Tumia Mur Kalpanar, Hirdoi Kapuwa Gaan, Koina Mur Dhunia, Kadam Tola Krishna Nache, Bhumiputra , Koka Deautar Ghar Jawai, Adinaiak, Sneah Bandhan, Ami Asomia, Neelakhanth, Hit List, etc.

He has left a mark, specially as a romantic actor. A dedicated and devoted actor, he is now expecting challenging roles on his way. Meanwhile, he is going to play such a role in his forthcoming film Jui, which is under production. He has won Chitralekha Award for his excellent performance in the film Nilakantha.

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