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Jitul Sonowal

Jitul Sonowal is the first modern Assamese singer. Jitul Sonowal was pioneer in bringing western influence into Assamese music and blend it properly with the traditional music of the region. Some popular and hit songs of her for Assamese audio and video albums such as “Jodi ketiyaba“, “Abeli porot”, “Bukure Axabure”, “Dure Dure”, “Ai beli Bihure”, Jon Jole Tora Jole”, “Ketiyaba Ajanite”, “Mur mon aji” “Moromi Logori”, “Najaba Atori”, “Rimjhim Boroxar” etc. Jitul sonowal is a music director also. His Popular albums are Niribili Godhuli, Bristi, Natun Lahar, Sonali etc.

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