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Moonmi Phukan – Assamese Actress | AxomLive

Moonmi Phukan (মুনমি ফুকন), certainly one of hottest Assamese actress specifically recognized for her role in “Anuradha” an Assamese Tv Series. Moonmi Phukan is an actress, recognized for Assamese film Rowd (2012). She additionally worked in many Assamese mobile theatre like “The Brindaban Theatre ( বৃন্দাবন থিয়েটাৰ )”, “The Kohinoor Theatre ( কহিনুৰ থিয়েটাৰ ) and many others. Additionally, she is known as best Assamese Model.

Moonmi Phukan Photographs

Moonmi Phukan Moonmi Phukan | Assamese Actress moonmi-phukan-6 Moonmi Phukan moonmi-phukan-4 moonmi-phukan-3 moonmi-phukan-1 moonmi-phukan

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