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Niku Moni Baruah

Niku Moni Baruah was born on 29 July 1969. She is a marvelous actress. She started acting at the age of 9 in the stage, since then performed at various levels of Stage Drama all over the country. She played the role of “Rose” in the play “Titanic” on “Kohinoor” Theatre. The play “Titanic” is most popular among the audience all over the world. She has acted in Stage drama like Karangar ligiri, Santa Sista Hrista Pusta Maha Dusta, Maharaja, Bayanar khul, Lovita, Parthana etc. In the Stage she awarded as 2nd best actress for “Parthana” from Ruprang on All Assam one act play in 1984.
In Television like Ai Saharata, Deuta, Tejal ghora, Nilakantha, Sandhyatara, Hahire sakulu dhaki, Dapun, Sargam, Tadanta, Hriday Jatia Nadi Hoi, Samay, etc. In television, She achieve best Actress in “AI CHAHARATE” awarded by Asam Silpi Divas Samity 1994. Best actress in “Hahire Sakulu Dhaki” Moonlight media.In Films like Sutrapat, Mimangsya, Railor Alir Duboribon, Itihass, Jowbona Amoni Kora, Shopan, Bhumiputra, Baibhav, Kalsandhya, Bukur Majot Jolay, I love You, Satapdi, Machya Gandha, Monbirinar Jui, Antahin jatra, Adhinayak etc. She has also acted many VCD films, teleplays and serials.

Niku Moni Baruah

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