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Purabi Sarma

Purabi Sarma has acted in numerous films (Assamese and Indian). Purabi Sarma has vast experience in acting in TV programs and films, dancing, mobile theatre and radio acting. ‘Ajali Nobow’ is first film by her. ‘Pratham Raagini’, ‘Pita Putra’, ‘Bhai Bhai’, ‘Pooja’, ‘Ashanta- -Prahar’, ‘Kanyadaan’, ‘Ahir Bhairav’, ‘Baarud’, ‘Mrityunjoy’ , ‘Son Moina’, ‘Sankalpa’, ‘Antony Mor Naam’ , ‘Sewali’, ‘Abhimaan’, ‘Paahari Kanya’, ‘Bidhata’ etc. The director Dhiru Bhuyan also won her an award for best actor in “Pratham Ragini”. She also done lots of VCD films.


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