Author - Nergal Scott

IIT-G molestation case: Victims’ ‘local guardian’ sent to jail

One Nilim Dutta, whose name surfaced following the alleged molestation of three Gauhati University girl students and was accused of intimidating Gauhati University (GU) Vice Chancellor Mridul Hazarika, has been arrested by Latasil Police on Tuesday afternoon. It may be mentioned that Dutta turned out to be the legal guardian for the three GU girls who were allegedly molested by two IIT-Guwahati students during the recently held annual Alcheringa festival. Latasil Police arrested Dutta from River Heights Garden Apartments in Kharghuli [...]

Assamese feature film Krodh to be release on 2018

Assamese feature film Krodh Assamese Movie - Krodh, Release Date -2018, 12 January. Directed by - Monoj Baishya, Producer -Pankaj Dalani, Editor - Tutul, Presented by - Shakti film production, Story Dialogue screen = Monoj Baishya, VFX - Vivekanand borah, Music director -Deep Rajbangshi Staring-Udayan duwara, Debasmita benerjee, Paran Kamal, Pankaj Dalani, Ripamoni saikia, Pinaki Mitra, Lanny da, Vivekanand borah, Bibul Das, Makul mali, Raju sargiari and Dwiban Baishya.... The  script writter of Krodh  is all about rape and revenge.. To Know More have a check..

Why Blue Whale??The Origin Of The Blue Whale Dare Game

We all have heard of the Blue whale challenge. But what really is the The Blue Whale Challenge. It is an internet game like any of the games you find in the internet and this game exist in several countries but this game has a different structure, the game consists of a series of tasks assigned to players by administrators during a 50-day period, with the final challenge requiring the player to commit suicide. Doesn't makes any sense? Google source: Blue Whale began [...]


SCARED OF INTERVIEWS? NOT TO BE ANYMORE. HOW TO MAKE INTERVIEWS LESS HORRIFIED Interviews are the main gateway towards the life of jobs. Only a good interview will help you out to get control of everything you went through from your lifelong struggles. Therefore this article is going to help you out with making the interviews less horrified and come out with flying colors. Basically for an interview to go great what you have to do is make yourself quite smart. That [...]

A state can be improved by improving it’s tourist spots. Like Zoo!

A state can be improved by improving it's tourist spots. Like Zoo! LETS BE AN INFLUENCER! It’s about all who influences. The world is based on such continuous evolution that we have to keep pace with it. But seeing to the fact how far in this part of Assam the city named Guwahati is keeping up pace with the world?! Recently, I have seen some major things that need to be changed. Why? The answer is! Yes! Priyanka Chopra has become [...]


ENGLISH SAVES US ALL! WHAT SAY YOU? English speaking is something we all want to master upon. There has been like a mandatory need going on for people all over the world. Therefore everyone is trying hard to get on with the language on the top of the world. Here we are going to are as to why it is necessary to learn the English language. It has been seen that when we use the English language there, we use it [...]

Cake cones anyone? Dig in!

  HOW ABOUT CAKE CONES? Cake is something which is the favorite dessert for everyone in the world. It is something nobody can say “NO” to! We have eaten them in various shapes and sizes and flavors but when it comes to getting more variations, I don’t think there is a reason to not agree to it. Today we are going to see how to have the taste of cake in an ice-cream cone. This is really a good idea [...]

The colors says it all! Yellow and Orange

ORANGE AND YELLOW Generally bright color fruits are so attractive that we always want to buy them whether eat or not. Ornamental presentation of these fruits and vegetables make the dish look even more likeable and tasty to look at. But little do we know that how imperative these orange and yellow colored fruits and vegetables are for us. Therefore, this article has been bought forward to make things easy for you and bring to your knowledge about how good [...]


  MARRIAGE IS NOT THE ONLY SOLUTION. YOU ARE! Marriage is a fancy thing! So it should be treated as a fancy thing when it comes to tie the knot. Why? The answer is very simple. It is because people shouldn't make haste in getting married in today’s world. In the history of India’s marriage system we saw many unwilling events happening to girls mostly after they get hitched. That is because the people have become so updated with trends and [...]


WHY SHOULD WE SAY HI TO GREEN TEA FOR GOOD?! GREEN TEA! MAGICAL OR WHAT ? This particular green tea is gaining the importance for a while now because there are like huge number of benefits that gets tag along with it! Today it is really very imperative for most of the human beings on earth to get the meaning of their life with a better health, which will be possible with the extent of good food we intake. Here we [...]


CORN POPSICLES. Love food?  Well who doesn't? But due to the long cooking procedures sometimes we get away from eating food and order something from outside vendors. So today to help those foodies who would like to cook easy and quick along with some great taste should follow this simple yet most yummy recipe to spice up your evening. Let’s start then. The things we will be needing are- 3 corns Water to boil Cotija cheese Mayonnaise Chili lime salt Some sticks Butter As you saw the ingredients are [...]

Wanna Become a Pro?? At What? Home Management!!

LET’S GO PRO AT HOME MANAGEMENT. It is so necessary that a person nowadays gives an extra care towards those things that happens in home and the management of those things should be made in such a way that the smooth functioning of the home gets easy. With due time people are getting advanced in many things regarding their lifestyle out of which we thought today ringing out the importance of home management is also mandatory. Let’s get a look [...]