Author - Papiya Bora

Night Jasmine’s Secrets Revealed- Get to know them

HARSINGAR AND ITS SECRETS Harsingar is a beautiful flower which is also known as Night Jasmine or Parijat. The fragrance of it makes one feel really good and fresh. This flower usually blooms at night and falls down into the ground in the morning. These mystical yet pure white and orange blooms have some incredible health benefits to offer.  Today we are going to get into those secrets of Night Jasmine. Benefits of Night Jasmine Prevention of Radical Damage of your [...]


  Lots of health consciousness going on in today’s world and people are trying to get familiar with what to eat and what not to keep them as healthy as possible. Researchers try to get more and more information to help us with such views. Keeping tab on our health is as mandatory as it looks like. Today we have picked up a very unique form of tea to start with its health benefits. Hibiscus Tea Yes! Rightly heard! Hibiscus tea is [...]


Cucumbers are natural coolers. They are the source of water too and belong to the watermelon family. When summer strikes, cucumbers should be included in our diet almost for the entire season, so as to prevent us from all the disastrous effects of the heat that causes numerous harm to our body! Today we are going to share with you some of the best benefits you can find from the use of cucumber. About the benefits of cucumber You might [...]


Maybe never or ever you would have heard about this type of farming that we are going to talk about today.  The farming is known as layer poultry farming. We are going to give you a brief on how to do layer poultry farming in India easily. There are some poultry farming basics you should clear it out. What is layer poultry farming? Layer poultry farming is the farming where the cocks or hen lays egg and those egg produced are [...]


Marketing is a huge concept. Which is not new to the world of those who are into business, isn’t it? When marketing is done in the right manner, only then you get the true identity of the business as well as the true worth. Online is the new trend because everything these days are going through the medium of internet. So the question that arises is why not retail marketing too? The good answer to it is that now [...]

Know the places to visit in Assam – Top five

About Assam Travel Assam is one of the best places in Northeast to visit if you are planning for a vacation. But what matters is that, most people come to this place and wonder where to start with and which place to visit. To help you out with such questions we are here bringing you top 5 places in Assam to visit. Let’s get started. The top 5 places of Assam GUWAHATI: To start with any other city it would be completely [...]

The best and must visit temples of Assam : Top 8

Assam and its  temples Most people are turning spiritual these days. What they are up to is find peace of mind. World has gone chaotic so has everyone’s’ life. Getting in a close encounter with peace is like getting close to god and what a wonderful way it by doing so at the temples?  Today we are going to give you 8 of the best temple found in Assam. Top 8 temples in Assam Kamakhya temple: This is the first name that [...]

Summer simple tricks for your skin to look flawless

Summer is here Summer is here and we are so excited to wear those long forgotten dresses and step outside to the beach or have a long island tea. But above all we also want that our skin is protected. Now the current obsession is to get a glowing skin naturally. Today we will help you out with how to get a natural glowing skin with five simple tips to follow. Let's start!   Drink lots of water: Maybe you have heard [...]

The benefits of soybeans for your body: Must Know

Soybeans to your rescue When talked about the health factor of women. There are lots of food that are regarded as healthy for women. But not only women in fact every men on earth should think of having soybeans to the most as they are a house of protein. Today we have picked up one of them. Soybeans!! They are of many benefits if we take them into consideration. Let's get to know them well.   Benefits of Soybean   Helps in gaining weight [...]

Kaziranga National Park : A place to remember and visit

 The pride of Assam Needless to say, most of the people from every corner of the world knows or have heard about the proud of Assam. When saying about proud it certainly means the one horned Rhino! Where in Assam is it found? The national park named as Kaziranga National Park. But most people certainly do not know about the national park. So today here in this article we are going to give you detailed information upon The Kaziranga National [...]

Best Ad Networks for your blog with more Asian traffic

KNOW ABOUT YOUR NETWORKS It is really very important that when you open a blog you get the required amount of traffic. The traffic will determine the earning value of your blog. If you are into the type of traffic where you get from India or any other Asian countries then it might not be that helpful. Therefore we bring to you these ad networks which will let you get ads to earn income from the blog site that you [...]

Coconut Oil benefits for everyone- Get to know what are those

The goodness of coconut oil May have heard about a lot of people coming and say to you that Coconut Oil is this and that. Many health benefits have been seen to be made available from coconut oil. Today here in this article, we will be giving you some of the astonishing health benefits that can be derived from the oil of coconut. Benefits of coconut oil For hair- Needless to say almost everyone of us know that coconut oil has [...]