10 (Ten) Best Tips to Avoid Sun Burn During Summer.

10 (Ten) Best Tips to Avoid Sun Burn During Summer.

10 (Ten) Best Tips to Avoid Sun Burn During Summer

10 (Ten) Best Tips to Avoid Sun Burn      During Summer

In summers an extra thing adds up in a girls bag what is it? Umbrella, a true friend in summers. If people go out without umbrella they get tanned. How much we hate getting tanned. Tanning occurs due to overexposure in sun so to protect your skin from sun,

  •  The best way to tackle sun tanning is to apply sun screen with minimum SPF 30 the ultra violet rays in sun not only damage skin but also cause skin disease. Therefore, one should apply sunscreen twice a day and if it the SPF is more than 30 then, applying the cream once a day will do


  • Before applying sunscreen we should do the basic three steps- cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Massage your skin with a moisturizer for one to three minutes after that apply sunscreen on it. You must apply the sunscreen to cover all the exposed areas never rub sunscreen on your face. Use sunscreen 10 minutes before you leave the home.”

If you are wondering how to remove sun tan from skin then here are some safe homemade remedies:

  •  Tomato: Cut a tomato and rub it in your affected areas and keep it for 7 to 10 mins and then risen with cold water.
  •  Milk and honey: Mix raw milk and honey and use it as cleanser after that mix besan or pure turmeric power with water and rub it all over your skin and keep it for 7 mins and then wash it off your skin will look fairer.
  •  Ripe papaya: Cut a Ripe papaya and make paste of it then put it on your face or body to remove tanning.
  •  Sandalwood: sandalwood and turmeric are essential ingredients for treatment of tanning. mix sandalwood and pure turmeric powder in a ratio of 1:1.add rose water to form a paste then apply it and leave it for half and hour till it dry and then wash off using cold water.

“Apart from outward care your body also requires a balanced diet, if you miss your diet it shows up in skin. In summers we sweat a lot which dehydrate our body so water plays an essential role for skin as well as health. We must drink ample amount of water at least 2.5 liters a day. And avoid spicy and junk food as it contains a lot of oil that can result in pimples. Smoking or any use of drugs makes the skin dull and dry”

List of fruits and veggies suggested for glowing skin and good health:

  •  Papaya: ripe papaya is good for skin.
  •  Coconut: coconut contains a lot of water which is good for skin and stomach. You can also use coconut water to wash your face as it works as face pack for skin.
  •  Cucumber: eat cucumber as salad or curry it is also good for summers.
  •  Green vegetables: Fresh green vegetables must always include in your routine diet.
  •  Watermelon: This fruit is hydration hero. The high water content keeps you cool and hydrated you can consume it as juice or in pieces. It contains lycopene that helps skin cells from sun damage.

Skin tanning is not permanent it goes with time and care. If the tanning is more than consult dermatologist and also take the given care at home to remove tan quickly.

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