125 students from Manipur SAI SAG ran out from their hostels.

125 students from Manipur SAI SAG ran out from their hostels.

125 students from Manipur SAI SAG ran out from their hostels.

Today around about 125 students of Judo, Fencing, Swimming, Wushu, Karate, Gymnastic, Weight lifting , Wrestling came out from Sports Authority of India (SAI), Special Area Games Centre (SAG), Khuman Lampak. 

Talking to the media at Press club , Imphal Majorkhul they strongly stated that they will not return to their hostels until and unless  a new Incharge be appointed in place of present In charge L.Ibomcha ( senior boxing coach)

Around about 57 boys left SAG premises this early morning around 2:30a.m after leaving an application letter stating that they are not happy with the facility available inside SAI SAG. Their main concerns includes lack of water facility, lack of proper drinking water, bad quality of food, using of abusive language and at times beating them up. At around 2:37p.m 68 girls hostilities also came out after finding their seniors application were been interpreted wrongly plus their earlier complains were not heard by the in-charge, as told to the media at a press conference.

Some shared , ‘ we have never told our parents about the problems, we have been struggling hard to get our goal, some of us and our seniors have brought laurel to our country despite of having worst maintenance either in terms of food, toilets, equipment’s. We are hoping some kind of improvement until and unless we get some basic amenities how will be able to compete and be strong.’

Most of their washrooms are dry since 4-5 years. Girls’ washroom got a glance of some water yesterday for few hours. Till now most budding players within age of 17 yrs have been using water from nearby by tank.

Talking about their food they have stop getting basic required food intake. Now their main food quality is worst to the core, no butter, limited amount of jam, rotten or raw bananas been served. Most of their tube light have been replaced by bulbs some stated.

Some students felt their earlier complains to their warden who later report to their in-charge requesting for better food, sports equipment’s, drinking water facility were unheard. So finally today these 125 students from JUDO, Fencing, Wushu , Swimming, Karate, Gymnastic, Weightlifting, Wrestling have strongly made an appeal to change their in charge at the earliest.

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