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21 Death In Bacha Khan University Pakistan IN Terrorist Attack

21 Death In Bacha Khan University Pakistan IN Terrorist Attack

21 Death In Bacha Khan University Pakistan IN Terrorist Attack on 20th January 2016 while the country is at war with The Tareek – i – Taliban .

21 DEATH IN Bacha Khan UNIVERSITY (Pakistan) IN Terrorist Attack.,axomlive

Minimum 21 people were killed in The Bacha Khan University of Pakistan including students leaving dozens of injured, when suddenly four random guys rushed in and started firing haphazardly in Khyber Pakhtunkwa province of Pakistan near the bordering area of Afghanistan .

Reports tells that (TTP) The Tareek – e – Taliban which is pursuing war with Pakistan at present took the responsibility for this heinous sudden attack at Charsadda. Later after a long gun fight of about five hour all the four gun man were shot dead by the Pakistani troops.

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During this long hour of battle, total 21 people were killed by the terrorist group including a chemistry professor, four security guards ,one policeman and many students, which made a turmoil situation when hundreds of student fled here and there and some left bolted themselves inside classroom for safety cover.
The sudden attack took place in morning at around 9.30 am ,when around 2500 students and other employees of the University were at the hovering campus, at that time at least 500 guests were present at the university to monumentalize the anniversary of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, also known as Bacha Khan who was a associate of GANDHI(Bapuji)

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One of the witness Describe the situation as, “The environment was cool at the morning time, I suddenly heard gunshots and massive blast, I was shocked ,within no time I saw people running from everywhere and some lay down on the floor.i ran towards the parking of the university following others.They were  shooting haphazardly with out noticing at anyone.

Witnesses and officials said the terrorists scaled the walls of the university and immediately scattered in different directions, firing away. Two of them who had got on to the roof of two buildings were shot dead by army snipers. Media reports said the attackers wore suicide vests but were killed before they could detonate their explosives.

As the gun battles raged, military helicopters flew overhead. “The operation is over and the university has been cleared,” General Asim Bajwa, DG of the army’s Inter-Service Public Relations, later said. “Four gunmen have been killed.”

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Prime Ministers Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan and Narendra Modi of India denounced the carnage.

“Sharif is deeply grieved,” his office said. Sharif, now in Zurich, called it a “cowardly attack” and said the terrorists “have no faith and religion”.

Modi tweeted: “Strongly condemn the terror attack at Bacha Khan University in Pakistan. Condolences to families of the deceased. Prayers with the injured.”

According to Dawn, the TTP Geedar group claimed the attack through a post on a social media page. It said four attackers were sent to the university. But TTP spokesperson Mohammad Khorasani condemned the attack, terming it “against Shariah”. The TTP is split into many factions.

Provincial Chief Minister Pervez Khattak was told to cut short his trip to Scotland and return to Pakistan.

This was not the first time to make educational place a target for Taliba ,Earlier On December 16, 2014, the TTP massacred over 150 people, nearly all of them young students, at the Army Public School in the province, triggering revulsion not only in Pakistan but around the world.

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