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6 best Island to visit in India

6 best Island to visit in India

Strap:  Escape to these islands in India to soothe your frayed nerves. Aren’t islands all about long walks, beautiful sunsets and equally enchanting sunrises? Also throw beach parties and indulge in water sports

 For some people island is for water sports, beach parties and meeting new people. For some it is the dream place for lazy days, hanging hammocks and a nice book. And for the rest, it is about long walks, beautiful sunsets and equally enchanting sunrises.

Whichever way, we associated them with a number of good and rejuvenating things; however, overly commercialised beaches with murky water are a big turn off.
While there are many islands in India that might disappoint you, there is a few which will actually never fail to give you a relaxing and refreshing vacation. Here’s a list of some of the extremely beautiful islands of India, far away from the tourist crowd.

Stunning sunsets:

6 best Island to visit in India

Majuli island is the one of the biggest river islands in the world and subsequently in India. The most unique of all the islands in India, this place is famous for its breath-taking sunrises and stunning sunsets. You will get a fair taste of Assamese culture here. Out of all the islands of India, this one is the most unconventional one. You will find moss instead of sand on its coast and traditional northeastern cuisine instead of seafood. However, it will prove to be an experience worth all the travel.

Surreal World:

6 best Island to visit in India

This small island of India has traces of Portuguese culture infused in it. The architectural beauty and serenity can stun you to a surreal world. The exquisite beaches and tropical seafood with a dash of Gujarati influence will make it a notch different from other islands in India. And the best part, alcohol is legal here, unlike in Gujarat!

 Rural Feel:

6 best Island to visit in India

One of the untouched islands in India, Divar Island lies about 10 km upstream from Panjim, Goa. It is situated across the bustling river of Mandovi, and has retained the lively culture and countryside feel of Goa.The drive to the village is scenic, with paddy fields and wooded hills lacing the roadway, very typical of the Goan countryside.

According to legend, the original inhabitants of this island were people who once lived in Old Goa but had to desert during a disastrous pestilence that heavily decimated the population of Old Goa.

Rocky Beach:

6 best Island to visit in India

St Mary’s is a set of four small islands in India. Quite similarly to Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, these islands off the coasts of Karnataka are famous for their basaltic rock formations cut into a peculiar hexagonal shape. The rocky beach and clear blue water make these islands a must visit. This island in India is still unknown to a large number of people.

 Alluring Beaches for a Budget Traveller:

6 best Island to visit in India

Little Andaman Island is one of the offbeat destinations in Andaman Islands. Not heavily crowded, this place has some really alluring beaches. It is one of the most beautiful islands in India, and perfect for those who love nature in its raw form. For a budgeter, this is the perfect island in India for honeymoon. It would not be a conventional one, but a memorable one, nonetheless.

Beat the Stress in an Untouched Environment:

6 best Island to visit in India

Beautiful Lakshadweep Islands is a set of 36 palm-laden coral islands. This group is the smallest island in India. The extraordinary beauty and fairly untouched environment can beat any amount of stress that you had prior to your visit.

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