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68th Years After Independence, The Way Of Our Celebration!.

68th Years After Independence, The Way Of Our Celebration!.

68th Years After Independence ,The Way Of Our Celebration, axom live

68th  years have passed. Since the day of long gone British from this state a sense of freedom is relishing on the land ,air and water of this nation.Politically, socially and economically we were free from any short of external exploitation back then. The British who were ruling on us, had no other option but to bow down in front of the conviction of the people seeking independence. How strong were them with their seekingness? Its not at all easy to be so stubborn for a great cause like this. Every son of this land who fought for our independence from British were,are and will be worshiped forever. They were very clear cut with their views for what they urged more. But the question arises here of the great concern is that how relevant is this long fought independence for us now? By independence what we mean now? and to what extent we are really celebrating this day?

With unbelievable rise of science and technology the world has become small.every one knows about everything just after the very second it occurred. Sharing tweets line, chatting, updating status made people aware of what they didn’t know, enables a section of people to render the knowledge what they know.Sharing photos makes a phenomenon more vivid ,vibrant and lively for those who are not familiar to that…in contemporary scenario people always have a tendency to put things online and be noticed by people as much as they can. At one point of time people were less indulge in wishing one another things like independence day, as much as they found rejoice in wishing one another of different other festivals.The same sense of so called patriotism is less prominent in everybody around. But with the inception of the social networking sites that feeling has artificially blossomed in every bodies  heart, now even in the eve of independence day people started posting status saying ‘happy independence day in advanced’ unaware of the fact that is actually independence day of the nation; Pakistan(14th august).

Awareness is good but realization is better. We did our Job by posting status or tweets on this day, but how far we actually feel about this. For a matter of fact now independence day is only a so called day of Indian celebration of the day we got independence. In reality almost 80% people don’t feel free to go out on this day or a day before that  parents don’t allow their children to go out at night or stay long outside the house. Even in school college only few person are seen stepping a foot longer than their courage and come to do what they suppose to.

There was always been series of external of internal breach of peace on this day of independence, after the year of independence a sense of fear has grown up in the heart of all the people of India now. In 15th august less congestion is seen in the roads or market, even in same places people just maintain a rare silence, which is not characteristic of them. Children of my age are always taught by their parents from the beginning of teaching, some sense that don’t go out and you are not allowed to go to school on this day, stay home or else you will be dead by bomb blast. How these things have came to the mind of all the people of this nation?

People show formality in wishing independence day in message, status or through tweets online, but nobody dare to come out and celebrate it as it should be. It is a kind of Auspicious day for all Indians irrespective of all religion. But people are always found sitting on their couch as they do on a lazy holiday surfing through news channels to see is there anything wrong anywhere? Is any terrorist gang making any plan to destroy a part of this nation? We now live in a doubt about our life on 15th august. Every 15 Th august goes like this and by 16th august every thing goes back to normal as they were no sense of any fear is seen in any one s face 16th august. Why we are so sure about that? How we know that only in 15th august something bad is going to be happen. And by 16th august  everything will be fine?

This things lead to question like what actually the nation is celebrating on the 15th of the month of august every year? independence; that is achieved long ago or sense of fear gradually grown in mind and heart of every Indian after???

BY – John Basumatary

M.sc,Dept of Anthropology, Guwahati University.

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