A day with The Wizard of Guitar!! Mihir Phukan

A day with The Wizard of Guitar!! Mihir Phukan

A day with The Wizard of Guitar!!  Mihir Phukan

Mihir Phukan
As we all know that North-East India is pioneered in western rock music,TODAY  here we are going to introduce  you with the GREATEST wizard of guitar from North East INDIA. Though he’s a busy person , we manage to  steal some of his precious time for you people. So here we go .

> What inspired you to jump into the world of music?

When I was young I was more into singing & dancing. (lol) But one of my sister she used to listen mostly western songs of Artists like Bryan Adams, Michael Bolton, ABBA, Kenny G, Yanni etc. So since then I slowly got my interest lean towards it. And in 2001 it was when some of my neighbors came to me and decided to form a band. And I listened to Iron Maiden and Yngwie Malmsteen & since then I never looked behind.

> Do you belong to a culturally rich family? How long have you been playing?

Fortunately yes my family is always related to music. Especially my father has been related to music as he used to sing & play various instruments and was famous enough during his college days. Apart from my father, myself & my sisters we all were related to Art such as Painting, Classical Dance & Singing and also involved in sports as well. And as far I remember I was in class 8 when I started playing my guitar in the year 2001. And since then it’s almost 15 years that I have been into music participating in various prestigious events nationwide.


> Your experience of the first performance you’ve made? Mention about your memorable performances as well.

My 1st performance was in school in 2001. (lol) its one of the most funniest incident happened to me tillA day with The Wizard of Guitar Mihir Phukan date. I was nervous as it was my 1st performance and we somehow managed to complete our 1st song. And by the end of the 2nd song I saw everything was quiet. I saw all the students were staring at me and to my surprise when I looked behind there was no musicians. They fled and I was sitting alone in front of the stage lol. And yes in the year 2003 I took part in Pyrokinesis which was my 1st stage performance which held in Assam Engineering College and I bagged The best Guitarist award for the 1st time and since then I keep winning best guitarist award for 5 consecutive years (2003-2007) which is yet a record by any other musicians with my earlier band. So yes these are some of my earlier memorable moments and the Rest you will know later. lol

> Your hobbies other than playing guitar? Have you ever taken any professional training?

As I have already mentioned that before choosing guitar I used to sing & dance but besides these I was also good in drawing portraits and I still love it but due to dearth of time I couldn’t continue it further. But looking forward to it in future. And no I have never took any formal training. Am fully a self trained guitarist.

> What other instruments you play? Your compositions so far.

I am mostly into Guitars, but yes I play Bass Guitar too and a li’l bit of keyboard. And yes I have composed 2 originals for my earlier band Called Eclipse which are known as “Virgins of heaven & Hell” and the other is “Obsessed by the Devil spirit” which are still remained as the benchmark for them. And recently I have composed my 1st debut called “Time will tell” with my new band called Mihir Phukan’s WIZARD CROSSING which will be telecast soon nationwide. So hoping the best from it.


> Tell us about the story of forming the band WIZARD CROSSING.

After leaving my earlier band Eclipse in the year 2007, I went to Bangalore for further studies. So after that I hardly get a chance to perform there because of hectic academic schedules. So after completing 4 years I came back to Assam in 2011 and decided to COMEBACK with a BANG and so I did. I performed as a SOLOIST which I always dreamt of in Fireball 2011 and it still remained one of the best performance of mine and it brought me into Limelight again in no time. And that’s how Mihir Phukan’s WIZARD CROSSING is formed.

A day with The Wizard of Guitar Mihir Phukan


> How do you feel being the Northeast’s best guitarist for 5 consecutive years?

Of course I feel good about it and this boosts  me up to work more & more and make myself proficient enough in the ART of playing Guitar.

> You are also known as the fastest guitarist of North East. What would you like to say?

As I have mentioned earlier that I have started listening to Yngwie Malmsteen. He is the Founder of Neo-classical and the Art of shredding. He was also known as the fastest Guitarist of the World then. So yes I too wanted to be someone like him and got interested into speed playing and this what made what I am today.

> You own a music institute, how did you get the idea and what is the response so far?

To be honest I was hungrier for knowledge of music then teaching. But in the year 2011, Rockschool Uk London Musical exam board Authotirties were looking to establish a Branch here in Assam and was looking for finest Musicians. And yes they came to know about me & contacted me and gave the opportunity to do it & I accepted their proposal and since then am into teaching as well.

> Why did you leave ECLIPSE and thought of forming a new band?

After ruling the rock circuit of Assam for 5 consecutive years I felt my taste of music is different from the other band members and moreover during that time I also have completed my Higher Secondary course and so I left my band for further studies.

> Your future projects?

Now as you have all know that I am totally focused in my own band i.e Mihir Phukan’s WIZARD CROSSING and recently I have recorded my 1st debut single which is to be telecast nationwide in music channels. It’s yet a secret for you all which will be revealed soon. Till then keep your eyes glued to the TV screen lol.

A day with The Wizard of Guitar Mihir Phukan

> Any message for the young stars who would like to take music as their profession?

In almost all my interviews I always say that Success never comes easily. You need to work hard and keep urself focussed to your goal. Don’t get disheartened with your failures as am sure we can convert all walls into open door of success. Good Luck.

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