After GU & SEBA next plan to hack Assam Govt website

After GU & SEBA next plan to hack Assam Govt website

After GU & SEBA next plan to hack Assam Govt website

After GU & SEBA next plan to hack Assam Govt website


After GU & SEBA next plan to hack Assam Govt website, The seventeen-year old ethical hacker from Bongaigaon seems to live life by this dictum.

After hacking the websites of Gauhati University and Board of Secondary Education Assam (SEBA), Rony Das is now planning to hack the Assam government website (, to protect it from criminal hackers.

Though what he does is an offence, going by the law book, Das claims, he does it for the ‘greater good of the society’.

He said, “The government’s site has flaws. So by hacking it, I can point out the security lapses and loopholes. If those flaws of the website are not corrected, it poses a threat to the information stored because once the domain is hacked, none of the sub-domains will work and also, all information of the sub-domains can be accessed.”

He informed that the Assam government uses the server Apache 2.4.

Das, a student of Class 12 of Bongaigaon Railway HS School, intimated the SEBA officials after hacking the website on April 3.

I sent an alert to the SEBA office first. But they did not take action, so I sent them a notice explaining the loopholes in details. But they did not seem to care. I am a student and concerned about the vulnerability of the SEBA website” , he shared.

Son of a tailor, Das stated that Hollywood movies based on hacking inspired him to take up ethical hacker.

I loved the movie Hackers. There on, I watched many movies on hacking. I started to visit the local cyber cafes and learnt hacking techniques from Google”, he said.

“I am waiting for my Class 12 results. I want to pursue BTech and later on study cyber crime. In future, I want to work with the State government in the cyber crime department”, said 17-year old Rony Das, an ‘ethical hacker’ from Bongaigaon. Das is a student of Class 12 of Bongaigaon Railway HS School.

However, speaking on the issue of hacking, Mukesh Agarwal, Police Commissioner, Guwahati, said, “No case has been lodged as of now against him. If the hacker has permissions from the concerned authorities, it is okay or else he might run into trouble.”

Neelotpal Deka, advocate and cyber law expert, said, “A person can be called an ethical hacker when he or she is appointed by a body, either government or private, or if the person is helping for a social cause. If someone complains about such hacking without permission, then only action can be taken.”

Hacking usually is an unauthorised access to computer, computer system or computer network without the permission of either the rightful owner or the person in charge.


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