A Brief Interview With Renown Assamese Actor “Nipon Goswami” About His on Screen Journey .

A Brief Interview With Renown Assamese Actor “Nipon Goswami” About His on Screen Journey .

An Brief Interview With Renown Assamese Actor Nipon Goswami

The veteran actor of Assamese Film Industry  ,  Nipon Goswami who had achieved Natya Surya Phani Sharma award from the government and Prag Cine life time achievement award for best actor.Being a very well known actor and theatre artist, he has done lots of movies in Assamese, Hindi and Bengali leaving his audience stunt every time. His debut in the movie ‘Piyoli Phukan’ which is directed by Phani Sharma won many accolades.He was born in Kolibari, Tezpur which is known for its rich cultural background.

Nipon Goswami, actor, says, “It’s a great achievement to win few honorable awards like Prag cine Award, Natya Surya Phani Sharma Award and many more. Since My inception to the Assamese Film Industry, I feel blessed that I have got overwhelming response from the audience. It’s another achievement for me.”
Some of his remarkable works like Piyali Phukan, siraaj, Ajoli Nobou, Dr Bezboruah and many more and even in bollywood movies like Jaggo, Do Anjaane he was able to make his presence felt.

On asking about his experience in bollywood movies,Goswami (laughs) mentioning about his works like, “In Jaggo, I play the role of the brother of actress Leena Chandravarkar, another most remarkable movie is Do Anjane, where I got the opportunity to work with most legendary actor s like Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha were in the lead roles, I appeared as a guest appearance.”

A Brief Interview  With Renown Assamese Actor Nipon Goswami

Goswami futher adds more about his works in theatre and serials and put it across some what like this,”Theatre has always been a prominent part of my life. In short I must say my life revolves around silver screen and my fans. It gives me immense pleasure working for my audience who has always been like a backbone in my success.”

Unlike movies Nipon Goswami is quite a jovial personality, he loves to crack joke in the sets and known for his kindness everywhere. In his words, “We must always respect people’s opinion, and should be helpful to all in ones need and that is how I actually live my life. I don’t like those people who tell lies.”
Talking about his year long experiences in the industry goswami says, “I have started acting from my childhood in theatres with much notable personalities in Tezpur itself. Where I would like to add that Ban theatre is the first stage where I have worked. My family was also into this profession, in fact we all know how much the people of Tezpur are related to art and culture.”

Working in movies, theatres and serials the one thing I have noticed is that, though the experience no matter is same,but the taste differs. The audience you will be getting in the theatre hall while you are performing live is out of the world. As you can see their moods and feelings in front of eyes. But while in movies and serials the audience needs to be assumed,”He adds.

He sums up talking about his parents who was his greatest inspiration, “My parents have always inspired me to involve in this profession. As I have seen my mother who was a renowned singer and father was an accomplished actor, and coming from such a background I ended up into acting and this has become my only love. Till date in the memory of my father, Late Chandradhar Goswami a play is organised yearly in ‘Tezpur Ban theatre’.”

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