Assam tribes ad their traditional outfits: A detailed look

Assam tribes ad their traditional outfits: A detailed look

Tradition and Assam

Assam tribes ad their traditional outfits: A detailed look

Assam is a place full of colors. There are varieties of culture that you can witness at Assam. Every tribe has their different values and attributes. Also they get to wear different kinds of attire as per their culture. Today we will be talking about their dresses in a bit of detail. Let’s start!

The traditional dresses in Assam and its different tribes

  1. Assamese tribe: The primary traditional dress of Assam for women is Mekhela Chador which is mostly made from silk or Muga, for Men it is Gamosa and Dhoti. The mekhela chador comes in vibrant color and can be customized too. It is generally a two piece that helps in folding it into like a sari. The Assamese women look very pretty in this traditional outfit. The men generally wear the dhoti which is made from pure cotton and is basically white in color. The Gamosa is made from cotton or in Assamese (kopaah).Assam tribes ad their traditional outfits: A detailed look
  2. Mising or Miri tribe: This tribe resides in 11 districts of Assam. After Assamese these is the second largest group of tribe in Assam. The traditional dress for the missing/miri are- for women it is rihbi, gaseng and seleng gasor which is wrapped around the lower part of the body, there is another piece in it named asgero which is used to wrap the waist part or around the chest part too. Riya is also used to wrap around the chest part of the body. There are also some other parts in their dresses and they are segrek worn by married women and also a pohtub and an nkisek to carry a baby with.Assam tribes ad their traditional outfits: A detailed look
  3. Bodo tribe: This tribe is also one of the famous tribe found in Assam. Let us see what kind of traditional wear they wear. The women wear s a dokhona which covers the body from the chest to ankle. They wear a blouse too and cover themselves with a shawl named Jwmgra. The men used to wear gamcha to cover their body from waist to the knee and use the shawl Jwmgra too.Assam tribes ad their traditional outfits: A detailed look
  4. Dimasa tribe:  The outfit of this tribe is based on household designs. The outfit is really very colorful and gives a unique look to both men and women of this tribe. The women wear Rijamphain and Rigu. These two pieces is sued to cover the entire body. And the men wears Sgaopha which is more like a turban, a Rigdo and a Risha.Dimasa tribe
  5. Deori tribe: The Deori women wears a Ujaduba lgoon which is worn around the breast. And they also wear a Riha also known as Tighira occasionally and then use a Gamosa to cover their head. On the other hand, the men wear ikhoon with a shirt or tee.Assam tribes ad their traditional outfits: A detailed look
  6. Rabha tribe: The Rabhas are the scheduled tribe community of Assam, Meghalaya and west Bengal. Their traditional attires are usually very vibrant and the designs are unique too. Their attires include Koum Kontong.Rabha tribe
  7. Karbi tribe: The karbis also wear very colorful traditional outfits. the main colors are Red, Black, Yellow and Green. The women wears a Pekok, Mini Kamphlak, Rumpan and Piba for carrying a baby. The Men wears Choihongthor , Peseleng, Poho and Chepan worn by the bachelors.

While there are many other tribes to look forward to and talk about their traditional attires. We give you these simple yet unique tribes and their traditional outfits worn every now and then.

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