Bahniman Brought a New Look to Assamese film Industry

Bahniman Brought a New Look to Assamese film Industry

Bahniman Brought a New Look to Assamese film Industry

Aisa Yeh Jahaan director Biswajeet Bora is all ready with his next     Assamese flick Bahniman. His highly engaging Aisa Yeh Jahaan created cinematic history when it became the country’s first carbon-neutral film

Bahniman is about three childhood friends and is an action drama. From Bollywood, why the sudden switchover to Assamese language drama film? “I have a great sense of pride about being an Assamese. I have just started working independently in Bollywood. It is a huge market and every day I am learning new things here. Though I am trying to understand the Bollywood market, but I could not refuse the offer to make Bahniman.”


Lost love

Biswajeet says that Bahniman revolves around three childhood friends, lost to their own fates, only to re-emerge as fierce rivals. “It is a film about friendship, lost love and revenge. My film is going to be a refreshing spin on the action genre. Well-known Hindi film actor Yashpal Sharma (who starred in Aisa Yeh Jahaan) heads the cast along with local heartthrob Jatin Bora,” says the filmmaker.

He further shares, “I was all set to make a Hindi film on the education system of India. I am my producer was all set to approach some big stars of Bollywood when I got a call from my friend Mandeep back in Guwahati to meet a producer for a project on an urgent basis. I came to Assam and met Barnali Hazarika (producer). I was in a fix whether to go for a commercial Assamese film which is a new genre for me or go for the Hindi small budget serious film. I chose to make Bahniman. Then I started writing the script within three days, completed the screenplay within 16 days with the dialogues. For the first time, I wrote a script keeping in mind the actors and every other aspect in terms of possible logistics.”

Biswajeet says that Bahniman is a huge film, not only budget wise but also it has huge production value. The film has been shot in 45 different locations with multiple star cast and with actors from Bollywood. He further informs that state-of-the-art technology has been used in the film. “I tried my best to make a good commercial movie with limited resources. I hope my film tastes success in the collection window. Everyone is hoping a lot from the movie and I hope I can keep up to people’s expectations,” says the filmmaker.

Biswajeet remarks that Bahniman is the most talked about film in Assam right now. “A Mumbai-based distributor got to know about the film and they have expressed their desire to release the film all over India. Bahniman will be the first film from Assam to be released by a well known distributor from outside Assam,” exults the director.


Bahniman Brought a New Look to Assamese film Industry

All-new look

What about Jatin Bora’s makeover in the film? “Even before I got down to making the film, I had this in mind that Jatin Bora will have to be given an all-new look in Bahniman. I and my wife, Lopamudra, who has designed the costumes for the film, held discussions at length about Jatin’s look and the final result is for you all to see in the poster – it is a complete packaging – hair style, body language, tattoos, hard-hitting dialogues and a lot of action which has given him a totally new avatar in the film,” avers Biswajeet.

Sums up Jatin Bora, “It is a very challenging role for me and I would like to thank Biswajeet, Lopamudra and the entire team. I am happy to don this new look. It was great working in the film with two popular Bollywood actors in Bahniman. Biswajeet is a much organised person and has handled the entire team in a very efficient manner.”

Bahniman will hit the theatres on December 2 next and its cast includes Yashpal Sharma and Ravi Janghu (from Bollywood), Rimi Hazarika, Bishnu Khargharia, Hazarika and Baharul Islam.

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