The best and must visit temples of Assam : Top 8

The best and must visit temples of Assam : Top 8

Assam and its  temples

Most people are turning spiritual these days. What they are up to is find peace of mind. World has gone chaotic so has everyone’s’ life. Getting in a close encounter with peace is like getting close to god and what a wonderful way it by doing so at the temples?  Today we are going to give you 8 of the best temple found in Assam.

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Top 8 temples in Assam

Kamakhya temple: This is the first name that will come while talking about the top temples of Assam. This temple is found in Guwahati, Assam and is famous all over the world. This temple belongs to the Goddess Kamakhya. It is one of the oldest Shakti temples but, there aren’t any sculptures of Shakti inside the temple. There are also some images of yoni goddesses on the side of the temple.  There is a very famous mela held in this temple named as Amubachi mela where all the people from around the world come to visit.

Basistha temple: This temple is also very famous in Assam. It is located in Guwahati. This temple is also known as Basistha ashram. It is believed to be the ashram of saint Basistha. This temple is dedicated to the prayer of Lord Shiva.

Siva doul: This is another famous temple of Sivsagar and is a view to catch upon. It is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. It is also one of the most visited tourist spots of Assam. This temple was built by the wife of Ahom King Shiva Singha named-Madambika in 1734 AD.

Balaji temple: You might have heard about the famous temple in Tirupati named Venkateswara Temple. This Balaji temple is a replica of that temple only. It is found in Assam at Guwahati City.

Tilinga Temple: This temple is found in tinsukia district in Bondubi. The name of the temple is Tilinga (bell), where the bells are tied to make the wishes come true. It is really a famous temple in Assam and a must visit.

Umananda Temple: Peacock Island also known as Umananda in Assamese is famous for its unique temple, located in the middle of the river Brahmaputra. This temple is one of the famous temple of Assam and many people come from many states of the country to visit it.

Hayagriva madhava temple: this temple is located in Hajo. It is to the west of Guwahati. The temple is dedicated to the Hayagriva Madhava. It has a pond named as Madhab Pukhuri.

Mahamaya temple: Another temple after Kamakhya temple is this Mahamaya temple. It is another Shakti Pithas and regarded as one of the best temple in Assam. It is located in Dhubri district. The tourist rate is very high in these temples.

These are the 8 temples that we have given the top ranks. Therefore these are the must visit temples of all. When visit Assam do take time out to visit these famous temples of all.

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