Bhogali Bihu or Magh Bihu (Bihu Fastival of Assam)

Bhogali Bihu or Magh Bihu (Bihu Fastival of Assam)

Bhogali Bihu or Magh Bihu which is a harvest pageant and marks the top of harvesting season is comes from the phrase Bhog that’s consuming and pleasure. It marks the top of harvesting season within the month of Maagha (January/February). It is the Assam celebration of Sankranthi, with feasting lasting for per week.

There is a number of feasting and consuming on this bihu celebration because the fields are full. On the eve of the bihu, referred to as “uruka”, younger males go to the sphere, ideally close to a river, construct a makeshift cottage referred to as “Bhelaghar” with the hay of the harvest fields and the “Meji”, a very powerful factor for the evening. During the evening, individuals put together meals and there’s neighborhood feasting in all places. The total evening (Uruka) is spent across the Meji with folks singing bihu songs, beating “Dhol”, a typical type of drums or enjoying games. Magh Bihu is widely known at a season when winter is about to go. It is believed that the fireplace of Meji burns the winter out.


The subsequent day is the primary Magh Bihu. In the very early morning, individuals take bathtub and burn the primary “Meji”. People collect across the “Meji” and throw “Pithas” (rice muffins) and betel nuts to the fireplace whereas burning it on the identical time. They provide their prayers to the God of Fire and mark the tip of the harvesting yr. Next day is adopted with group celebrations all throughout with rice truffles being distributed to all. People go to relations and pals to convey and change Bihu greetings.


Ladies of the society put together for this Bihu for a lot of days. They prepare dinner varied snacks, sweets, for at the present time. On the Bhogali Bihu day, they carry their meals gadgets to the auspicious Meji spot. Various kinds of Jolpan and pitha are served to everybody.

Like all different Bihu, Magh Bihu additionally has the ritual of displaying respect the the elder one with Gamosa.

Buffalo Fight - Assam - Axom -Axomiya


A peculiarity of this competition is that in some elements of the state the standard “Buffalo Fight” is organized to make the competition extra fascinating. Different varieties of sports activities like Egg-battle, Cock-combat, Nightingale-struggle and so forth. are held all through the day. There are different typical festivals noticed by varied “enthno-cultural” teams. Me-dam-me-phi, Ali-aye-ligang, Porag, Garja, Hapsa Hatarnai, Kherai are few among them. The koch celebrates this bihu as pushna.

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