BODO FILMS History, Present Status & Future Prospects.

BODO FILMS History, Present Status & Future Prospects.

BODO FILMS History, Present Status & Future Prospects.

Bodos are one of the original inhabitants in the state of Assam and North East India.They are a vibrant community with their unique way of life.They constitute the second largest population in Assam.Included in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution, the Bodos have their own language, culture and literature.
The first full length Bodo Feature Film is “Alayaron” (The Dawn) which was released in the year 1986. It
was directed by Jwngdao Bodosa. Picture2         Picture1It won the National Award for Best Feature Film in the regional category in the year 1986. However, “Daina”, a documentary directed by Amar Hazarika was released before “Alayaron”. It was Based on the Witch-Craft practice amongst the villagers.

Jwngdao Bodosa 
Born in 13 July, 1959 at Bhergami, Udalguri District. An FTII Pune passed out, directed the first ever Bodo Feature Film “Alayaron”(1986).
Which won the best National Award for Best Feature Film in the regional category in the year 1986.

Apart from Alayaron, he also directed “HagramayaoJinahari, (Rape in the Virgin Forest)” (1996) which won the National Award for the Best Environmental Film in same year.
He also directed Gwdan Muga (2001), a Bodo Film.

Present status of Bodo Films

After Alayaron almost all feature films have decreased and VCD films are increasing and VCD film production gave birth to Piracy which is major reason for low investment returns. Due to poor financial condition Bodo film industry is deprived of better technology.

Due to lack of audience and cinema hall Bodo film production is decreasing day by day. Present status of Bodo Films There are no proper cinema halls to screen Bodo Films. Only 1 exists, that is Bagurumba Video Hall, in Runikhata, Chirang District. Due to this producers are unable to retrive the amount they invest. As a result they are unable to pay properly to actors.






Present status of Bodo Films

Due to low payments, Bodo people are hesitant to take up acting as a profession. This has led to the crisis of proper Bodo actors. Also, within the Bodo community,only 50% people watch Bodo films, which is yet another reason of its decline.
The Bodo Film Makers makes films just before festive seasons and they go for Film touring during festive seasons. They visit villages and screen their films using projectors and somehow retrive the invested amount.





Picture8       Picture9 Picture10




Improvements Required

Bodo films should be technologically advanced on a regional level in order to make its presence felt regionally and nationally. The story, scripts, directions and the talent should be prepared with a motive to match the standards of modern day film making. There should be as many as 20 mini cinema halls for BTC to screen Bodo Films.

There shuld be a Drama School to train and teach aspirants from the Bodo Community who aspires to
become a Bodo actor/ actrees. With the increase of globalization regional identities are becoming more important as they think it is important to preserve one’s own identity and also take pride.

Such is the case with the Bodo film industry that is striving to keep its identity intact from the outside forces. The Bodo film industry has been struggling in the recent past with the coming of new technologies that give access to global information and entertainment.

People like Jwngdao Bodosa, Anamika Basumatary , Chiraz Baglary, Bikash Basumatary etc.. have been
instrumental in not only reviving the Bodo film industry but have won national and international
acclamation through their films.

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