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Can Seeds be Planted for a Male Child?

Can Seeds be Planted for a Male Child?

Can Seeds be Planted for a Male Child

Divya Putra Jeevak Beej, from the house of Swami Ramdev, Patanjali,which has raised much hue and cry in the Rajya Sabha, due to its gender-biased name ‘Putra’- which directly translates to a male child, is one of the most awaited ayurvedic medicines in the country.

It may be mentioned in this context that, post the uproar in Rajya Sabha, over the name of the medicine, Divya group, in reaction to these controversies, highlighted the positives aspects of this herbal drug. Apart from preventing women fertility, this medicine available in Divya pharmacies across the country, at a cost of INR 35 per packet, also claims to regulate menstrual cycles and normalize hormones in the female body, resulting in activation of the reproductive tract. Enhancing female sexual desires, this also works as Rasayana- what helps in slowing down the aging process.

K. C. Tyagi, Ghaziabad, MP, Janata Dal-United (JD-U), has alleged the medicine, in the Rajya Sabha session of April 30th2015, to be against the law of India, saying, “We live in a country where the government is very serious about the ‘sex ratio’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was personally monitoring the ‘Beti Bachaao Beti Padhaao’ campaign in different part of the country. Does our government, under the dynamic leadership of PM Narendra Modi, approve of this?”

Can Seeds be Planted for a Male Child

“It is a gender issue. If you are asking for only a male child, it is illegal.”, quotes Health Minister, JP Nadda. He has asked for a probe into the matter, in reaction to the uproar in the Rajya Sabha over ‘Divya Putra Jeevak Beej’.

However, ad midst all the hustle, the medicine is gaining popularity across the country- its demand seen highest in Haryana, which already has the lowest sex ratio in the county. While the Northeastern part of the country is yet to witness the miracles of this herbal medicine, credit for such wonders is being claimed here by similar products by other brands.

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