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The Chronicle of Ahom manuscript (Buranji)

The Chronicle of Ahom manuscript (Buranji )

The Chronicle of Ahom manuscript (Buranji )

The coming of the Ahoms in the 13th century made a incredible contribution in history writing in Assam. They began a procedure of keeping records of all events of the time in the form of buranjis. “Buranji” is an Ahom word meaning a storehouse of knowledge that enlightens the ignorant. They generally deal with political events of the period such as warfare,diplomatic relations and dismissal of ministers, officers etc. Reports of the frontier officers or of ambassadors,architectural plans etc were also termed as buranjis with different appellations like Datiyalia Buranji, Kataki Buranji etc.

Some buranjis are much bigger in volume and cover all topics relating to political history whereas some are small, narrating a single event only. The former class is called Lai-Lik Buranji in Tai Ahom which means a treatise on political science or a main chronicle and the latter is called Lit Buranji meaning a chronicle dealing with one event only. In Assamese they are called Barpahi Buranji and Katha respectively. Another class of Buranji called the Chakaripheti Buranji treats the lineage of Ahom families. These were earlier written in Tai Ahom language and were in a poetic form. It was from the time of Suhungmung that Assamese language was used. Here are some list of buranjis-1.Purani Asam Buranji It was written around 17th century. It deals with establishment of Ahom power in the Brahmaputra valley down to the reign of Gadadhar Singha. It also deals with the origin of several Ahom family. 2. Kamrupar Buranji It was written in the end of 17th century. It is an important source for study of Assam’s war with the Mughals. 3. Asam Buranji The Asam Buranji was obtained from the house of Sukumar Mahanta. It deals with the history of Assam from the beginning of Ahom rule till the accession of Gadadhar Singha. 4. Satsari Asam Buranji It was compiled and edited my Surya Kumar Bhuyan. It has seven different chronicles dealing with various events. It was written between 16th and 19th century AD. 5. Tungkhungia Buranji It was written towards the close of Ahom rule by Srinath Duara Barbarua. It deals with the rule of Tungkhungia clan from Gadadhar Singha to Kamaleshwar Singha. 6. Asam Buranji It was edited by SK Dutta. 7.Asam Buranji Sar by Kashinath Tamuli Phukan and Asam Buranji by Harakanta Sarma Barua Amin. It deals with Assam under the Ahom rule till annexation of Upper Assam by British. 8. Belimar Buranji and Kalibharat Buranji They are metrical chronicles edited by S.K. Bhuyan. There were also few others like Asamar Padya Buranji, Sarighatar Yuddhar Katha, Deodhai Assam Buranji etc that need special mention.

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