Clean your soul with 15 rupees Ganga jal bottle Online

Clean your soul with 15 rupees Ganga jal bottle Online

Clean your soul with 15 rupees Ganga jal bottle Online

Holly water of Ganga is now going to available in every post shop across the Assam. Water of Ganga ma is now easy available for the people who really want to visit River Ganga once in a life. So the bottle of holly water is only for them.
Senior Post Master, Meghdoot Bhawan, Guwahati said,” Government of India initiated this gangajal program for the first time. The main reason to initiating this program is easy accessibility of Holly water Ganga to the common people who can’t go to Ganga physically. Though Ganga is refers as holly water in India, so government wanted to display this product among the people in India”,

The circulation of Ganga jal all over India started on 10th July 2016 countrywide, the Gangajal delivery scheme via India Post has found quite a handful of customers till now at the city’s Meghdoot Bhawan.
We get good response from customers in Guwahati. This is the beginning only.

Aged people are mostly opted these Ganga jal in the city. They are buying these ganga jal seeking of ‘Moksha’ and relief from burden of Sin.

There are two type of Ganga jal , one is from source of Rishikesh and another is from source of Gangotri. The source of Gangotri water is directly collect from the glacier  Gangotri and the Rishikesh ganga jal collected from Ganga river flows nearby Rishikesh temple Uttarakhand”.

Since July 13, 42 numbers of Rishikesh Gangajal bottles and 43 numbers of Gangotri Gangajal bottles have been sold till July 25.

The main motive to launch this scheme was to make Gangajal easily available to the commoners at affordable rate. It (bottled Gangajal) is now available at the post offices of the State. Gangajal is termed as holy and auspicious as per Hindu traditions and customs. It is required in all the pujas.”
The water is totally filtered and safe for use. We have 200 ml and 500 ml of bottles of both Gangotri and Rishikesh Gangajal

 One can also place order online ( for Gangajal delivery or buy one from the post shops at post offices. One can also place order at the nearest post office and it will be delivered via Speed Post.

The price of a 200 ml Rishikesh Gangajal bottle is Rs 15 and Rs 22 for 500 ml, whereas, 200 ml Gangotri Gangajal comes at Rs 25 and 500 ml at Rs 35.
“Gangotri gangajal is costly because it is directly bottled from the glaciers. People are enquiring about it. Mostly, they want to know if it is original,”

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