The Curse story of Kamakhya over tollywood actress family

The Curse story of Kamakhya over tollywood actress family

The Curse story of Kamakhya over tollywood actress family

Actor Moon Moon Sen refuses to buy Ma Kamakhya ‘curse story’ on Koch king’s family,

she said,Though I have heard about this ‘curse story’, I do not believe in it. Times have changed. I am not 700 years old

The Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati is one of the oldest Shakti Pithas and is considered to be the third most sacred place in India after Vaishno Devi and Ajmer Sharif

Tollywood actor Moon Moon Sen who is wedded to a descendant of King Nara-Narayana of Cooch Behar refuses to believe that her husband Bharat Dev Varma’s family has been cursed by Ma Kamakhya. 

Our family has visited Assam several times (though not Kamakhya Temple) and we do not believe in such superstitions. I know even if I visit the shakti peetha, no harm will occur to me.”

Moon Moon Sen may have termed the whole
episode of her husband’s family earning Ma Kamakhya’s wrath as ‘superstition’, but the lore has it that Goddess Kamakhya had cursed King Nara-Narayana in the 16th century that even if his descendants take a look at the temple they will die.

Doloi of Doloi Committee at Kamakhya Temple, narrated, “In the 16th century, there one king from Cooch Behar Nara-Narayana and his great general Chilarai who ruled Assam and used to run the Kamakhya Temple which was built by their ancestors Biswa Singha and Siva Singha. King Nara-Narayana came to know by words of mouth that Ma Kamakhya used to appear before the priest Kendukala during the time of aarti and dance for him. The Goddess was only visible to the priest. Nara-Narayana insisted that he would like to see the Goddess dancing.”

“Though Kendukala resisted, the king remained stubborn and said that he would watch the devi dance from kundrakkha (a window made of stone with tiny holes). That evening when the priest was offering aarti, the Goddess appeared before him and twisted his head following which he died and cursed King Nara-Narayana that he and his descendants would die if they look at the temple.”

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