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“Developing India and Some Of It’s Common Stories”

“Developing India and Some Of It’s Common Stories”

“I can’t find my smile. I am crying.”

This must exactly be the words of India if we were to ask her how she feels on the eve of her 68th independence day. Sitting on a soft sofa with a newspaper and coffee mug in hand one might feel relieved in their own abode. But has anyone ever thought about the condition of the country.

A young girl Mani toils around the footpath looking for garbage dumps under the savage sun each day to collect enough money to feed herself and her younger sister’s empty stomach before going to bed.


Nine year old, Amir cycles for two hours every evening to attend his evening classes in a government school,hoping for a better future. He works with a mechanic during the day and earns Rs. 40 daily to feed his five member family. He dreams of becoming an engineer when he grows up.

Dhan is a graduate in chemistry. He wants a postgraduation degree. After graduation he worked in a private school and took tutions. He had a family of six to feed. Some of his friends who has got poorer marks than him have got government jobs (thanks to the quota system). He worked at different places for two years to collect the required money for his post graduation course and finally enrolled himself in a college.

Mani , Amir and Dhan are not mere names. They are examples of the deprived citizens in India. Even in the six decades of its independence , India could not give them any assistance to live a normal life. While a section of children live a life of great ease, another section has to strive hard to live. Education,so essential in today’s life has become a luxury to them.Scholarships are given to the meritious students belonging only to the minority class. But what about the rest ?

Where does a country with great culture and morality stand in the times when members of one community burns a village of another community ? Where has its secularism spirit gone when people of one religion tries to kill the people of another. The saying “Unity in Diversity” had now turned to be mere caption in some books which describes about India as a nation of many customs and cultures.


15 August 1947…67 years ago this day was a day of rejoice. There was merrimaking all around. With the progressing generation,68 years hence, this day had lost its relevence and has turned to be a simple historical rememverance. When the country should be celebrating devoid of all its differences in unity,it turns out to be a mere holiday. A personified India would say “I can’t find my smile. I am crying.

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