Fact of being Impotence in 21ST century

Fact of being Impotence in 21ST century

Fact of being Impotence in 21ST century

To a utter surprise of many, it is stated by an expert diabetologist and sexologist, that impotency, which is a common factor or problem for various youths and adults at present time, due to which they don’t opt for marriage or family life, is actually a mental problem and not a physical problem. He added that 90% cases of impotency are related to the mind only and only 10% has something to do with the body or body parts.

He said, “Wrong education, wrong environment and wrong way of learning is the main reason behind this problem of impotency which is mostly a mental disease. Besides these, choosing wrong friends, depression and lack of sex education in India is one more factor behind this massive problem which is spreading like anything.”

He further said, “It is indeed true that smartphones and laptops also play an impotant role in expanding this problem in the sense that nowadays youths are very much attracted to pornsites. Porn is hampering the minds of youths in a very bad phase. I want to make this straight and clear that porn movies has nothing to do with real life sex. But most of the youths and adults use to follow the porn movies, they feel that only having sex for a longer period without stopping is real sex and the real power, or else they are not all fit for having sex or marrying somebody. They feel that they will not be able to satisfy their wifes unless they have a physique like pornstar and can do sex for a longer period. This is mental problem that is growing among the males who are single which we commonly we commonly call as impotency.

Another  sexologist, said that impotency is completely a social and mental problem. He added that he is not a sufferer but he is made a sufferer. According to him, every person has a different body or physique but this should be taken into a negative aspect. He said that sex is equal and sex is natural and this should not be compared. He concluded that lack of proper sex education, watching pornsites are some main reasons behind this mental problem. He lastly said people should compare themselves with pornstars while having sex because pornstarts are actors, they acts and they are professionally trained performers.

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