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HAPPY YOU! 5 Best Foods For Happy Period.

HAPPY YOU! 5 foods for happy period.

Monthly cycles are all about painful cramps, hot water bag, painkillers and sanitary pads. Why cry endlessly for it? Make it a happier time by eating something healthier. Just keep calm, relax and enhance your energy with some good and happy foods.

Your hormones are to be blamed not you, for craving to eat foods that are not healthier during the period days. Believe it, girls tend to eat those food that they can’t eat actually. When you are craving just indulgeHAPPY YOU! 5 Best Foods For Happy Period..it but eat it in a mindful way. No one really loves this day but one have to deal with it for lifetime. Locking you into a room and saying goodbye to parties for days won’t work! So let us now discover some really healthy food that could help you sail smoothly during the days.

Green veggies and fruits: Fruits and veggies are forever healthy. Gulp it whenever your heart says. There is no end to its goodness. As girls tend to lose out a lots of iron during these days; spinach, tomato, carrot, beans, cucumber etc, would help you compensate the loss and lessen your cramps too.

Whole grains: Period or no period- make it a habit of eating brown bread, oats and brown rice for breakfast; it is loaded with proteins, fibres, nutrients and vitamins. Always make healthier choice and control your taste bud.

Lemon: Although it’s hard to believe but yes lemons do wonder during periods. It has got very low sugar content and high alkaline which are very useful to girls. Try to drink it with lukewarm water with few lemon drops into it.

• Dark chocolate: Craving for chocolate? Then pamper yourself with some dark chocolates. It contains flavonoids which helps you increase blood circulation. It also releases ‘feel good’ hormone dopamine, aiding mood upliftman and spirit. Munch chocolate covered with almond nut and take in some antioxidants.

Green tea: do you have the habit of taking tea and coffee regularly? Then replace your everyday habit and get a sip of green tea daily. It helps calm your mood, relax your body and sharpen your mental focus. Out of these wonderful foods enlisted, water can also be helpful to keep you away from dehydration. Drink lots of water during periods and feel fresh throughout the day.

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