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Healthy foods are even unhealthy for us?

The true fact of some healthy foods

Healthy foods are even unhealthy for us?


Who would have thought that some healthy foods are even unhealthy for us? Yes! You heard that right. Today here in this article we are going to emphasize on those thing which we take as healthy products or food but in real they aren’t. What we eat matters a lot only if we get to know their true value. Sometimes due to lack of information you will be consuming some of the things which will eventually end up in making you not so healthy.

Say No to these Foods

As per research these are the food you should mostly avoid. We are going to get to them one by one. Let’s get started.

  • Vegetable oils– On a serious note, not at all good for you. These oils like canola oil and others are really very inflammatory in nature because they are processed a lot and have the defects relating to birth, cancer, diabetes etc.
  • Shrimp – This shrimp contains a food addictive which is basically used to prevent food discoloration and that’s why it bad for man as it reduces the sperm count and for woman the cause for breast cancer. So it is advisable that this food is avoided completely.

Healthy foods are even unhealthy for us?

  • Microwaved popcorn – Well this one is also a no-no to eat because the packet contains non-stick PFOA chemicals and the butter links to Alzheimer’s and also many lung diseases.

Healthy foods are even unhealthy for us?

  • Soy Protein – many people love soy milk or other kind of protein available from soy bean. But to be honest they aren’t so good for your health. Why? Most of the soy is modified and there is a substance called glyphosate present in it because of that which makes sit unhealthy. Due to its consumption there are chances that you people might get breast cancer, urinary bladder cancer and kidney disease etc.

Healthy foods are even unhealthy for us?

  • Factory farmed meat– as the name itself suggest, these meats are not at all good. Many researches and test have been made on these meats and found that many pain killers and antibiotics are used to process these meats.
  • Fruit juice– well maybe eyebrows are raised by you thinking that- WHAT? Juice!!!! But the reality is juice is harmful if we do not know how to intake it. The fructose factor present in juice is literally high than what are body is designed to take. In juice the fructose is 45.5gms which is way too high. So if you are into taking juice, have it occasionally not always.

Healthy foods are even unhealthy for us?

Well now you know that these food although termed as healthy but due to some factors these are the one which may not be that useful to you. So it is advisable to try to avoid these foods generally.

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