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How The 21st Generation Thinks About Virginity.

How The 21st Generation Thinks About Virginity.


How The 21st Generation Thinks About Virginity

Virginity has always been a sensitive issue especially for the women. You cannot mend a broken hymen once it is broken. Nonetheless with time, things are changing. In a study which appeared in the Journal of Sex Research, it was found the losing virginity these days is more enjoyable than it has been in twenty years, especially if you are women.

“In the past decade, sexuality of women was regarded as obscene and those who were open about it were called names and victimised. But, now, things are changing. Women are becoming more and more aware of their sexuality and sexual preference. They are assertive about want they want in bed. Thus, it is now becoming more enjoyable to them.

It was seen before that sexual pleasure was only a thing for the masculine gender. Females were considered as just an instrument to woo their counterpart. This notion has now changed. The women are finally letting go of their inhibitions and telling their partners what they would like.  Virginity and sexual intercourse is now becoming more and more enjoyable for women.

“It is seen that Girls are brought up with the notion that their virginity is the most important thing for them and has to be protected till they are married. Even after they are married off, they are made to believe that their pleasure is secondary to that of their husbands. Most of the time because of the absence of communication regarding such issues makes the women scared and worried about their first times and thus, they cannot enjoy those moments,” says a psychologist.

“Now, there are various online sites available to the intrigued women about their first times. Also, people are opening up such issues. They have more information and are open to test their limits. So, they are enjoying it more

How The 21st Generation Thinks  About Virginity

The women of the modern era is independent, dominating and know exactly what they want. Protecting their virginity or waiting is no longer an issue among them. Women empowerment also means equal sexual rights. They are no longer the damsel who is meek and submissive. Thus, they are enjoying their first times.

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