Insomnia now a common disease among young adults

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Insomnia now a common disease among young adults

Insomnia now a common disease among young adults

Insomnia now a common disease among young adults

Insomnia means disorder of unhealthy sleep, now a day many people suffering from the insomnia diseases .Recently, researchers have begun to think about insomnia as a problem of your brain being unable to stop being awake. However, in general, a person who is diagnosed with having insomnia is a person who consistently does not get enough sleep and does not get a good quality sleep. There are several different ways of defining insomnia sleep. Now, there are several reasons why a person can have insomnia, it can be started by factor such as an existing health condition, stress, anxiety, and late nights working. The factors that will be looked into are ones that can be controlled, factor like stress and anxiety. As it pertains to college student, the first major problem with insomnia is how it detrimentally affects their minds and bodies. The effect of insomnia are not just feeling drowsy throughout the day or just wanting to take a nap mid- day, there are much serious effects.

Most of the high school student and college going student faces the problem of insomnia because they fell worried and nervous. Insomnia is a problem on school and college campuses, insomnia for student became a much bigger issue than previously thought. The issue of college insomnia is problem because of the effects it has on the student population, the prevalence of it, and the way that colleges help to start and perpetuate it.

Only about progress though high school students get enough sleep on an average school night. The other are living with borderline to serious sleep deficits that could lead to daytime drowsiness, depression headaches and poor performance at school.

Insomnia now a common disease among young adults

As student progress though high school, demand on their time hectic school activity, home work and family obligation increase and they sleep less to fit them in, as a student shows, many student are getting up for school when their bodies tell them it is still the middle of the night. A growing percentage of student don’t sleep enough because of their financial circumstances .They have to work 20-40 hours a week just to pay  for school. Even if the students try to get to bed at a decent time, they sometimes will not have a good night sleep either because of their internal clock.

Generation years are heavy user of technology prior to bed, use cell phones, music devices, computers, ipad, and video game that impact sleep.

While there is a difference between deciding not to sleep and not being able to sleep, it’s clear that over use of social media that result in things like tweeting, face book, watsapp into the wee hours of the morning can’t help with already existing insomnia. It’s interesting though, how social media is often immediately equated with excessive use of it. Teenagers, spend an average hours on the social networks every night. Fear of missing out an something was cited as the main  reason for students sacrificing sleep  that they did not think use of social media how it affected their life.

Most of the people use to take coffee during the late night, it is affect the health, reduce sleepiness, it is also one of the causes of insomnia.

Specialist said, Like all thing is a time and place social networking should not take place between the sheets as it can be detrimental to our well being. By doing face book, watsapp, texting, tweeting, surfings are nodding off with a busy mind which impacts upon our quality of sleep during night. Make time earlier in the evening for social networking as it will help you distress after a hard day and prepare you for bedtime, stay away from technology before sleep and also avoid coffee during night time.”

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