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Interview with Bollywood action Choreographer Deepak Das from Northeast

Interview with Bollywood action Choreographer Deepak Das from Northeast

Interview with Bollywood action Choreographer Deepak Das from Northeast

What is martial art? There are many ways of describing martial arts.

Of course, it’s a combat art which comprises of offensive and defensive techniques.To me, martial arts mean expressing yourself in true sense – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

But mostly people consider learning martial arts to know how to fight, in a way it sounds like that, but deeply it is not to fight but to prevent fight. If one learns martial arts seriously street fight will go down. One will become more aware of everything.

When did you start the journey of martial arts?

I started martial arts in 1988 and I chose martial arts as it does not demand a group to practice. You can do all alone once you get the techniques. Moreover you are well equipped to take care of yourself. At least you can protect your mother, sister

How you are motivated with this art form?

Interview with Bollywood action Choreographer Deepak Das from Northeast

I chose it purely for self-defense and fitness as a student. Learning martial arts seriously keep students away from bad habits and are more disciplined. It boosts your self-confidence. So, I don’t feel there was anything that motivated to learn martial arts but yes after learning for couple of years, in mid 90s decided to be an action choreographer in Bollywood and then started working more seriously towards it. I have no words to thank or express my gratitude to all my masters who have been helpful in many ways knowingly or unknowing. But yes, can’t miss to mention two master – Master Chuba Walling from Nagaland and Master Biramani Singh from Manipur

Where are you belongs from? Where you have spent your childhood days and where you trained yourself, who is your guru?

I spent my childhood in Nagaland, did my schooling from there and graduation from Imphal, Manipur.

I’m very fortunate to be blessed with many great masters. I trained under many officially and unofficially. All helped me to reach my next goal.

Among them some masters who officially trained me and still I’m under their guidance are – Master Chuba Walling from Nagaland, Master M Biramani Singh from Manipur and Sifu Yuan Xiu Gang from Wu Dang Mountains, China.


Please tell about this art in details?

I have trained in various forms of martial arts. K.B.I (karate budokan international) &Wu Shusimultaneously, under the banner of Wu Shu got to learn many forms like northern and southern shadow boxing – Nan quan & Chang quan. Weapons like Broadsword, Straight sword, Spear play, Stick play etc. The most amazing part of Wu Shu is that it has Tai Chi under its banner. And to gain more knowledge in Tai Chi visited Wu Dang Mountains, China where the popular Jackie Chan movie Karate Kid was shot. I did exclusive course in internal martial arts. This place is also the birth place of Tai Chi. Fortunately till date I’m the only Indian to be trained there.

What are the achievements you received till date?

Honestly, speaking about achievements sounds little weird as there is some kind of achievement happening every day.

But broadly speaking – I am the founder of TAO POWER YOG and this art form stands alone in its unique way from the rest of the art forms exist on this planet. There is no other art form, fitness regime which can compete with this. This form can help you burn 850 calories in 45 minutes and leaves you totally energized after the session unlike you get exhausted after any workout. It makes you sweat buckets yet you are filled with energy. That’s the beauty of this form. It allows you to eat everything, ZERO dieting but one can lose up to 3 inches and 5kgs in a week. It has countless therapeutic benefits. Kindly visit http://www.taopoweryog.com/testimonial.html

To know more about people who have benefited from this art form.

Presently you are busy in which project?

Presently I’m working as Creative Director for action for a show called Maharaja Ranjit Singh that is being aired on Life OK. Three more shows are coming up for three different channels.

From your view, how northeast is involved in this art?

North East is extremely talented. If offered some kind of support from the Govt we can really do big on national and international level. There are students whose family can’t afford 200/- a monthly fee but the child is very talented. So extend some support and we must encourage such students to come forward. They can bring glory to our state; they can have a better future, they can be the face of nation on international platform. I know there are many talented and hardworking master whose fulltime job to to teach martial arts but sad that it is difficult to run their family from this source. So it’s a serious cause of concern. Other nations are known for sports. And we are known for cricket mainly; again it’s a team sport. Better we focus on individual game, not only martial arts but there are so many. We have traditional game; almost all cultures of north east have their own game so why not we focus on such issues.

As we know we have trained many celebrities, can you name few of them and how is your experience

Interview with Bollywood action Choreographer Deepak Das from Northeast

Some celebrity students are Tiger Shroff (trained for years to be an actor, action hero), Kritisanon (trained for her upcoming movie Raabta), Sooraj pancholi and many more including directors Anurag Kashyap, Anubhav Sinha, Sudhir Mishra, Kiran Rao, Manisha Koirala, Ronit Roy, Tanushree Dutta, Manasvi Mamgai (Miss India), Shraddha Kapoor ETC.


Cricketers like – Rahul David, Shane Warne, Jacob Oram, Shaun Tait, AjinkyaRahaneetc


Two incidents would like to discuss about:

  1. I was damn sure about Tiger Shroff’s ability but almost everybody used to condemn my vision. Later when his movie Heropanti released. I was getting nonstop calls and most common compliments were “Deepak, we could see your reflection in Tiger on screen, it seems as if you are doing all those moves. He has learn even your body language and mannerism, we salute your faith”
  2. While training IPL team Rajasthan Royals Cricket legend Shane Warne came up to me after the session and introduced himself as “hi mate, this is Warne, loved your session when can I see you again?” the funniest thing was that I didn’t know who Shane Warne is – such a legend and I didn’t know, felt bad later. But ya, that was a moment I will never forget in life.

What is your biggest dream youwant to fulfill?

Working on a Bollywood project which focuses on north east and the problems we face when we go to mainland. Sometimes it looks as if north east does not exist on the map of India. People need to know us in boarder way. Being a northeaster and having worked in Bollywood for almost 17 years I’m very confident that I can really project the issue well on silver screen. And the amazing talents of north east especially martial arts. We the best in India.

In future, after this movie would like to have a team of martial artists and a football team from north east. I’m very sure we can do excellent. I have witnessed the spirit and talents for years. It’s unbeatable.

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Interview by- Pallavi  Saikia

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