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Karl marx Replaced Gandhiji from school book in Tripura

Karl marx Replaced Gandhiji from  school book in Tripura

Karl marx Replaced Gandhiji from  school book in Tripura

Karl marx Replaced Gandhiji from  school book in Tripura, The Tripura Education Department is accused of erasing Mahatma Gandhi’s name from the text book of history of Class IX and added Karl Marx its place in the text under Tripura Board of Secondary Education.

Mr Santosh Saha, one of the members of Tripura history society, alleged that the Left Front government was desperate to distort national history and infuse Marxism in the most undesirable manner.

The book authored by Kalyan Choudhuri, history professor of Kolkata’s Maharaja Manindra Chandra College has made Marx a national hero by eliminating Gandhiji from the text.

In the book, various topics have been included, but there is no mention of Gandhi or father of the nation.

Ironically, the name of Father of the Nation was mentioned only once and that too under the title ‘Gandhi’s view on cricket’ not in India’s freedom movement.

It explained that Gandhi had attempted to decolonise cricket.

The book included topics on Adolf Hitler and Nazism, Karl Marx’s life, Soviet revolution, French revolution, birth of cricket and many others except India’s freedom movement and role of Gandhiji, Mr Saha alleged.

Former leader of the Opposition and senior Congress legislator Ratan Lal Nath stated that it was not only an attempt to disown nationalism by the Left Front government, but also to make younger generation half-literate.

He demanded immediate withdrawal of the book and initiate legal action against the writer.

“So called Leftists are attempting to rewrite history for infusing their ideology in the young mind distorting the facts, which is dangerous and a criminal offense,” Mr Nath stated.

President of Tripura Board of Secondary Education (TBSE) Prof Mihir Deb said, “We followed the NCERT guidelines for the new history syllabus. We did not include or erase anything. However, even if something wrong in the book certainly we shall take suitable action.”

BJP’s Tripura unit spokesperson Mrinal Deb said it indicated political bankruptcy and anti-national mindset of the CPI-M and added, “It is nothing but a consistent effort by the communists to prepare more anti-national elements like Kanhaiya Kumar, Omar Khaled for future.”

He further stated that in 119 pages, the book elaborated on the history of the French and Russian revolutions, Marx, Lenin, and the rise of Hitler and Nazism.

“There are only a handful of pages devoted to the importance of agriculture and indigenous tribal societies, but there is not a single word describing the struggle of our freedom fighters against the British,” he said.

Mr Subhashis Chowdhury, a history scholar, alleged that textbooks from previous years included the history of Rani Laxmibhai, women’s education pioneer Ram Mohan Roy and Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose all of whom are conspicuously absent from this year’s edition.

Important concepts like democracy and the Indian Constitution have also been removed.


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