Know the places to visit in Assam – Top five

Know the places to visit in Assam – Top five

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Assam is one of the best places in Northeast to visit if you are planning for a vacation. But what matters is that, most people come to this place and wonder where to start with and which place to visit. To help you out with such questions we are here bringing you top 5 places in Assam to visit. Let’s get started.

The top 5 places of Assam

GUWAHATI: To start with any other city it would be completely insensitive if we don’t bring Guwahati on top of it. It is one of the cities which are on its peak of growth. This city is situated on the southern bank of the river Brahmaputra. Well, while in Guwahati, you get to visit these particular places that are famous for its visit and play a role for attracting visitors. They are listed below :-

Know the places to visit in Assam- Top five

  1. Kamakhya temple
  2. Planetarium
  3. Umanondo
  4. Assam state zoo cum botanical garden
  5. Shrimanta shankardev kalakshetra
  6. Balaji temple

These are then top 6 places you can’t miss to visit. The Kamakhya temple gains popularity all over the world and people from worldwide comes to visit it. No matter what you shouldn’t be delaying it over anything else.

TEZPUR: This city is taken to be the one of the cleanest city in Assam with a population of 10 thousand and counting. In this city you will get many historical places to visit which are being mentioned below :-

Know the places to visit in Assam- Top five

  1. Mahabhairav temple
  2. Agnigarh
  3. Kola bhumura hetu
  4. Padum pukuri

All these places held many historic details to look into. When you visit them, there would be no less of history you can feel. These all are a must visit for you to look into.

SIVSAGAR: This is a beautiful place which you should never miss out at all. When there was the rule of the Ahoms. Their kingdom’s capital was this city (Sivsagar). Lets point out those places which gets the top ranking visits all over the year:-

  1. Joysagar
  2. Gaurisagar
  3. Rudrasagar
  4. Sivadol temple
  5. Vishnudol
  6. Devidol
  7. Ghanshyam dol
  8. Rang ghar
  9. Talatal ghar
  10. Bakhar bengena
  11. Sivsagar tai museum

If you can take a look at this place, Sivsagar holds the highest number of places for you to visit. They are both historical as well as natural to have a good sight-seeing of. The most important thing about these places is that they hold very good architectural knowledge and there are lots to learn about their history.

KAZIRANGA NATIONAL PARK: The name itself certifies the lace. It is well renowned for the one horned rhino all over the world. Most of the visits are gotten from the world. This place has gotten an area of 378 square km with approx. of 51.4 square km of erosion in current years.

Know the places to visit in Assam- Top five

JORHAT: this city falls among the top 5 places to visit during your visits to Assam. Jorhat was the last capital of the Ahom Kingdom. The places you should be looking for while in Jorhat are as follows:-

  1. Majuli
  2. Dhekiakhowa Bornaamghor
  3. Raja maidam
  4. Jorhat district musuem
  5. Lachit borphukan maidam

With this we came to the last place. Hope you have a wonderful trip to Assam and take along with all the rich culture and heritage’s knowledge of Assam and its top 5 cities.

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