Local Kungfu Part 2 to hit the screens in 2017

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Local Kungfu Part 2 to hit the screens in 2017

Local Kungfu Part 2  to hit the screens in 2017

Local Kungfu Part 2  to hit the screens in 2017

Here is a piece of good news for those who have a love for martial arts and sidesplitting comedy. The production work of Local Kungfu – Part 2 has started. Local Kungfu – Part 1 is one film from the stable of the Assamese film industry which was a huge hit in the State and sent the audience splitting at the ends.

Local Kungfu Part 1 was made way back in 2011 on an almost shoestring budget of Rs 95,000 and was shot with a Canon 550-d-HD camera.

Kenny Basumatary, who acted and directed Local Kungfu Part 1, said, “This time we are making a sequel of Local Kungfu.  It is an adaptation of a comedy play of Shakespeare. I just hope the sequel is also well received by the people of Assam.”

Kenny informed that the production work of the sequel just started last week. We are repeating the cast of Local Kungfu – Part 1-Utpal Hazowary, Sangeeta Nair, Bonny Deuri, Ronny Deuri and Bhibhash Singha.”

He added, “This time our budget is high. We have also changed the camera. This time round we are using a high quality p2 camera. I am just hoping that Generation X in Assam will come out in hordes to watch the film so that we can make comedy a dominant genre in Assamese films. My favourite genres in film are comedy and romance.”

Director Kenny is busy shooting for his upcoming film Yaara in Bollywood where he is playing the role of a gangster.


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