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Meet The Daredevils From ASSAM ” STUNT INFECTED”

We often refer Bike stunting, as a motorcycle characterized by some acrobatic manipulation with the motorcycle , Common movement in stunt riding includes like wheelies, burnouts, stop pies etc.. It’s a sport that takes many years to acquire the skills necessary to do the daring stunts that make it such a hit with spectators around the world. –
Today here our team is going to introduce you with the rising Stunt group from Assam, India.


Stunt infected:
Group Members:

  1. Kaushik Hazarika
  2. Lawrence
  3. Anwar

Stunt Infected is a group of freestyle motorcycle stunt riders from ASSAM, India.Promoting freestyle and safe stunt riding.

kshkThey are STUNT INFECTED also the 1st group from Assam to be officially sponsored by TVS Motors India. Their vast array of tricks and perfect technique fill crowds with awe every time they start up their engine. Performing more than 40 all around India,Our team caught up with professional stunt rider Kaushik Hazarika (Stunt infected team member)to find out more about this exciting, adrenalin-pumping sport and why he and his team-mate love it so much.

How long have you guys been stunt riding? How big is stunting in India?

We are doing this since 2013, Stunting in India is not that big at the moment, but it’s growing rapidly. There are approximately 15 to 20 known riders, from east to west, north or south everywhere, Very good riders are coming out now a day, and yeah the audience r really supporting, they support us from their heart. We like performing for them.


What made your mind to be a stunt rider? How did you gain the interest?

Ha ha how to say, I had an interest with bikes form my very childhood, I always liked to do something different than the normal people’s, I liked to feel the thrills in it, I used to watch videos from YouTube, as time passed I got my first bike (TVS Apache) as a means for communication from home to my college, I tried out what I used to see in videos, but I didn’t had the actual tricks for at that time. My interest excelled to double and I kept practising.


What about risk and safety doesn’t you feel nervous?

There is Risk in every profession, still if you maintain safety measures with proper safety gears, the risk of injury is low.

How is your Parents support?

They didn’t supported us at the beginning, ha ha some time we used to get scolding, but as time passed with its rising popularity and it’s actual meaning they got to know the art, and they are supporting us now, we everybody know, how youngster ride their bike ..lol.. “It’s like flying”, bike accident cases are common everywhere, are supporting us,

How you did start practising? I don’t think that every person support it!

I started practising personally watching stunt videos from YouTube as I mentioned earlier, there is a field in front of my home, but I didn’t got the actual, proper ideas, with time I met some senior stunt rider, they gave me same real ideas of stunt like how to apply brakes and all, I would like to thank my partner Anwar and Lawrence.
Well its Assam it’s not yet develop, some people even don’t know the meaning of stunt riding. They got some negative ideas regarding it. They think it’s just a matter of craziness and speed. As most of the youngsters do it by the road. But those who know it they admire us.


How do you guys gather and form stunt infected?

At first we were practising individually, with mutual interest and likings I met Lawrence and Anwar through face book, we thought to practice together helping each other, we felt a group among us, this is how we planned to form the group STUNT INFECTED. At first we did stunting just for our pleasure but now we do it for thousands.

OK have you faced any problem till now regarding your stunt practice? What is your practice time?

Lol… Hell yeah we do face some problem from the police, some time they suddenly come and take us to police station, then we have to pay fine , like 500 rupees per head. We try to make them understand but they don’t listen us. Thought we can’t blame them as I mention before that Assam is not yet developed, stunt riding is not fully accepted here as sports. We all know thousands of youngster dies ever year in bike accident. They do their part as precautions to us and the public.
We practice early in the morning around 4 to 6 am for 2 hours, when the environment is cool, without crowds around us. So analysing this issue we selected an isolated place to practice near Sai Baba temple near six mile, Guwahati, Assam.

Future Planning? Is it your passion or profession?

Hmmm… let’s see what our talent and public support take us which extend. As in India stunt is not yet given any recognise as sports, I can’t take it as profession, it’s my passion. Well I never planned to be professional stunt rider. I like to ride bikes just for fun but could never imagine how far I would go, The only reason I have gotten so far as I have is because of my passion towards the sport of stunt and I lost count of how many people told me that I can succeed. Thanks to their support.


Rider who inspired you the most?

Romain jeandrot, Jorian Ponomareff.
Any message to society and youngster you want to make?

To the youngsters I would like to ask them not to do stunts in public place on or the road, if you like to do then choose nice place, take all safety gears and practice.
Don’t try without proper training it’s dangerous.


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