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Mental Phenomena That Often Confuse Us “Deja-vu and Precognition”.

Mental Phenomena That Often Confuse Us “Deja-vu and Precognition”.


Are Precognition and Deja-vu the same thing?
“The mind is like an iceberg, it floats with out seventh of its bulk above water” _Sigmund Freud.

The human mind is like a never ending sea with secrets of its, our desire to plunge deeper into the secrets get intense the more we discover about the psyche the darkest it gets. Clinical psychology still fails to decipher what lies in those deeper, darker recesses of the mind that answers to a lot of extraordinary psychic phenomena that lie locked away in some obscure corner, that makes me wonder-are all those paranormal phenomena? That have been reported from time to time happens to be real or it is just that the undiscovered psychic aspects in some people just get unlocked in some people and happens to rise to the surface of that bottomless psychic pits?

Anyway lets come to the point now, talking about Deja vu and precognition there is a lingering feeling of familiarity, with something that is either yet to pass or which has not been experienced before, in the absence of a clear understanding of how things work and  owing to a lack of evidence of their manifestations both deja vu and precognition are included in the sphere of parapsychology.

These two terms have meaning and are quite different from one another although it is easy to confuse
one with the other owing to somewhat similar premises they deal with. lets take a look at both of the phenomena and get a clear picture.

The word precognition implies the meaning itself when split into ,the word “Pre” is a suffix and attaches the essence to something that has happened before whereas cognition means awareness,  so precognition literally means previous awareness. It refers to the phenomena of being able to sense or see the future or become familiar with something that has come to pass yet but will take place in future, for ex–  If i eat a pound of cheese all by myself, i ll know that i will upset my stomach, this knowledge come from previous experience.  However if i dream of an old friend with whom i have not been in contact for years and the next morning i find a text from her without any intimation from her side that she would contact , that would qualify as precognition.

Deja vbu is a french term which when translated to English means seen. deja vu is when you , meet a random person for the first and get an unusual feeling that you have met him before but you cant remember when, deja vu also happens when at times you experience a certain situation for the first time in a new surrounding and suddenly get the feeling that all this has happened before in the exact way it has nothing to do with vision of future.

Now that the exact implication of both the term are clear it is really easy to see the difference. both the phenomena are triggered in the present but while one pertains to the future state of matters the other is concerned with nagging feeling of the present state of matter having taken place in past giving your mind a nasty itch.


So, the next time a guy approaches you and gives you the, I have always known you we could meet someday or have we met before lines, know them  to be just what they are and not precognition and deja- vu on their part.

Author- Pratiksha Bhattacharjee.

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