Mentality Is Cheap Not Dress!

Mentality Is Cheap Not Dress!

Fashion is the most powerful art. Fashion can give a person more confidence..yes! CONFIDENCE.. a person having a personal style that is unique (fashion) can give a person more confidence as it makes the person feel more comfortable in whatever he/she wears.

But here rises a question! Is there any connection between fashion and social evils?

This has been one of the tender issues in our country today. The sexual violence and rape against women is the most discussed topics among all. It is one of the highlighted topics in discussions and debates on social issues, the media and online social media.

Women are often judged on the basis of the way they present themselves. The way a woman dress is cited as a “call to rape”.

Fashion designers search for inspiration not to harm someone’s self image but to create something beautiful to feel beautiful. We must believe that fashion increases and benefits the society in a good way of living our lives. ”People wear fashionable clothes to appear more beautiful and respectful”

Well…. we live in a world that is full of scum-bag individuals. But that does not mean that the society must be restricting a women’s freedom. It is not necessary that crimes against humanity be blamed on the victims always. Women have every right to wear what they want without being in physical danger.

Just because someone is wearing a short skirt or baring a lot of skin does not mean that someone should take advantage of them. Dressing in a certain manner doesn’t mean that it is okay for that person to be raped by another person. It is just an excuse. Women are already very aware of potential danger. Wearing less clothes or fashionable clothes does not mean you have lack of respect for yourself. This is simply a pathetic excuse in our society!

If wearing less (fashionable) clothes meant we “want it” or “enjoy it”  would never be complaining against it! We are absolutely not “asking for it”…it is all about being comfortable and confident in whatever we wear. It’s useless blaming the victims in this regard.


Clothing is irrelevant with social evils like rape. The way a woman chooses to dress is never the cause of sexual crime committed against her. The assumption that “clothes can speak for women” is a complete blunder.

Stop supporting the social evils by blaming the victims for their own rape. It is alarming to read that so many people seem to believe that a woman is responsible for inviting a rape or sexual assault because of what she wears. It is always the woman who is held up for public examination but not the alleged attacker.

Well… Whatsoever! What I believe is that there is no such connection between fashionable clothes and social evils. All I can say is that the minds of the society that are filled with filth.

It’s of no point raising the awareness of rape or crime against women through fashion.

If there would have been any kind of connection between the dressing sense of a woman then I guess it’s high time for the women in our society for unique clothes and accessories in the market to protect and prevent women for the crimes against her.



Author – Hima Choudhury.

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