location: Assam,India.

Barpeta, Nasatra.
2006 June


INVESTIGATION: On witnessing Occult’s.

This is a real suspense experience which has to do something with unexplained fact related to nocturnal animal and their behaviors with something supernatural, whichever you may percieve. only if you believe.

Experiment: On a 16 year old girl who died of blood cancer who came to ashram for blessings, she lived for 4 days and died a tragic death and was cremated the same day in the nearby cemetery.

Logical expectations: It is believed that as soon as the dead body is buried or burnt the soul of the body laments around it for a certain time period, we stole her remains the same night, the day she was burnt.
We expected high form of occult’s energy that night which could possibly follow us towards our dorm and it was a rainy day too.
And as per rainy day we were delighted to find real unburnt piece of fresh bones of that girl which were not burnt properly.

Time: Around 9 pm.
Mission: To fetch the remaining  of the girl from the cemetery. And to keep it with us through the night and meditate visualizing her to communicate with us( Old traditional belief to interact with ghost)

Around 11 am Monday the day the girl was ritualized as per Hindu norms, she was burnt though twas a rainy day,
Muku my brave partner in the investigation slipped that night around 9 pm to the cemetery just after dinner and fetched some remaining s that looked like ankle or joint bones, we kept them inside a plastic bottle and closed it loosen , we had respect for the remains of whoever she was, we were curious as well as determined to face the circumstances being and being a supernatural believer we were expecting something like those in movies. We waited till 12 midnight. (the time when all pera-infra energy fields gets the ability to move around with its own will. without defined paths undisturbed by the physical movements of the real world).

It was the first time we were really experiencing a real human bone, the bones were just like pieces of wood which is severely burnt had perfect curves and blunt shine, it had the tint of turned ash white. It had internal fiber type linings and vessels that gave it a perfect look of gods creation. One bone was of 4 inch in measurement and one bone was of maybe of 2 inches

That night we waited till every physical movements of our external scene halts to still , we waited till we can only hear the grasshoppers and the insects. Our dorm was a big one, it was perfectly smeared with shadows and suspense that already covered and gripped our heart with fear …. which made it heavy (a feeling ) a real weird feeling not a situation..

On a single bed myself with muku put that bottle of bones under our bed and talked whispering through the whole time until the candle burnt itself down. It was really damp kind of feeling that night because thou we were behaving brave of the science and logic…. we were expecting something paranormal or some sign of poltergeistsm, the feeling of alienation by our room mates made us feel more lonely. All of them shifted to a corner and slept cursing us in fear and anger.
I was in the situation of a feeling mixed with excitement and expectations , minutes were like hours and hours were like time not parallel to the reality of the night …. twas the longest night i would say.
We were half asleep ….until just when it stroke 3 am both our eyes were shocked open when we heard some scratches and steps on the tin roof we were sleeping under. Guess if twas a sign of ghosts! …still i felt it interesting and a feeling of fear gripped my whole body as i was the master mind of that fearful event,
“what if the soul came to take revenge on me because of stealing her bones away?:-D”
the sound of steps advanced us and went passed us …well twas just a silent minutes of suspense which broke down when we realized they were the cats from the dining hall. Suddenly their moaning and crying began to grow louder and louder … we got confused as to say were there three of more than three cats. That made the noise of more than i could perceive.. the cats began fighting and made all sorts of disturbed noise for more than ten minutes, which can make a child cry in fear. that funny cat fight was over! and it was morning  … everyone went to morning prayer and i didn’t! that morning i was not in a dream but i was not alone. i was so sleepy but i was half awake listening to movements, i checked each beds that was covered with partitions i felt someone was with me the whole morning… but i knew twas just my feeling…
…that morning until all the students returned from the prayer hall and began discussing the night that was so odd, and the cat fight never happen there after.


I throw d the ashes and bones and wrote the weird experience of the night.

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