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New Instruction Setup of Indian Prison System

New Instruction Setup of Indian Prison System, in Line This year.

New Instruction Setup of Indian Prison System,AXOMLIVE

With a motive to bring discipline and uniformity in Indian prison administration and prison management all over India .
Rajnath Sing, The Indian Home minister has already approved the instruction setup , a ministry statement declared this Thursday that the setup manual will soon be sent to all the states and union territories of India for guidance..it is stated that a new chapter on legal assistance has been integrated in the new instruction model book.
Some of them are like:
Permission of visiting advocates in jail
classes for legal literacy in prison
constitution of under-trail committee
access to free legal services
setting up of legal aid clinic in every prison
access to free legal services and
provision to ensure legal service to under-trial prisoners who have withstood half of the maximum sentence .

Reformation of women prison system is demanded. As the respect for woman is special in India, Some special aid has been added in the new system manual for the safety of women prisoners , attention towards the health of women prisoner is well in focus.

With this in mind, the revised manual will look into comprehensive health screening for women prisoners, including tests to determine presence of sexually transmitted or blood-borne diseases, mental health concerns and existence of drug dependency.

This has been drawn from the UN rules for the treatment of female prisoners and non-custodial measures for women offenders adopted by the UN General Assembly, the statement said.

Furthermore, facilities like provision of legal assistance to prisoner at all stage who are sentenced to death, even after elimination of mercy petitions, daily mental and health check up for death row prisoners, it is also stated that a certification process of physical and mental health of the prisoner have to be submitted keeping in record the fitness of a prisoner.

New Instruction Setup of Indian Prison System in Line This year.

Use of technologies in jail are also added in the new instruction setup, where authorities have been asked to introduce a Personal Information System for recording information relating to inmates, an electronic register for daily prisoner maintenance has to be install in every prison leaving manual registers.

The new manual also focuses on “after-care services” of the inmates. It says that it is the states’ responsibility to devise and develop mechanisms for rehabilitation of released convicts.

“It is envisaged that special committees known as Discharged Prisoners’ After-Care and Rehabilitation Committees should be set up at the district or state level for planning and devising appropriate mechanisms for rehabilitation and after-care assistance to prisoners,” it added.

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