Be it smashing at a mall with your friends or spending on gifts for your loved ones, shopping have become the favorite pastime for people over times. However for many it might only mean adding some cool new things to their wardrobes but for some it is much more then past time. It has gradually become an addiction creating havoc to their wallet.

With growing technology the world has brought things closer and closer to us.People today can shopindia-online-retail-ecommerce-540x334 from any nook and corner of the universe with the easy access to internet. That could be during work at desktop, mobiles or through social media with its user friendly interfaces and door to door delivery.. Retailers with all sorts of new tactics, bring whole new ideas to explode the online shopping portals. They are spreading out their wings by launching varied products, the facility of free shipping and also through social media sites.

Social networking has become more popular as consumers by only hitting “like” or “follow” button on their favorite shopping sites could get discounts and flats, helping them earn millions of bucks.myntra-shopping-app    Though the online shopping market is overcrowded but people tend to be addicted as it gives innumerable options to the consumers, facilitating them to compare prices too. People today are so busy that they hardly have time to go for shopping so this online shopping industry has got to spreads like mushrooms. Over the years, sites like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, Jabong, Alibaba etc is ruling this industry. But with emerging Smartphone these sites are facing huge competition. Smartphones have overpowered cell phones on every ground and made people more app friendly.

Thus closing down of online shopping sites just to develop an app for mobile phones is on trend now. A large section of people uses mobile internet so it has turned out to be the most candid idea to venture business. The market demands products that are easily available and those which are user friendly too, so what could be friendlier than your own smartphone?


Retailers naturally are going all out to stay afloat in this cut throat competition and changing dynamics of the internet. Many opted to come up with mobile applications, giving their customers the liberty to shop from home and through their cell phones. Yes, now one can shop while being at work or just being at our homes and truth is the concept of a physical shop is on the down-hill trend.

Online shopping apps are just like a dream come true for all shopaholics out there. Most of our shopping needs can now be fulfilled on our phones and are only a click away, thanks to the proliferation of smart phones and internet. Shopping in the mall suddenly appears monotonous and time consuming.


The very popular site Myntra and Flipkart recently has closed down its website and established itself as mobile app only.

There are  mixed reactions on the issue of such applications among the customers, for truth is for a chunk of the people, it remains just the same. For  a lawyer by profession said that, “Mobile apps are cool for people like us who have to travel a lot for work, and surfing net at our desktop is just not possible. We hardly get time to sit, so apps are simply perfect and handy.” While for some, the idea of introducing online shopping app was not worthy.  an employee at a private organization said, “Flipkart, Myntra and Snapdeal have all gone crazy and I am not going to install their app. It is better if we opt for websites available in the online market. Apps like these even slow down our devices.“It is ridiculous to download huge apps and people like me without an android are simply left out. Scrolling pages is again another monotonous work.”  a student .

Some common websites

It has a strong impact on Indian market. Though new, it has made an impact in India with its fine quality of products and services. It is the biggest ecommerce site in the world originating from China. It mainly deals in apparel and clothing, electronics, machinery, bags, shoes, agricultural food, sport toys etc.


Amazon is one of the most sought after online shopping portals in India selling products like eBooks, electronics, and other items. Amazon is operated by Amazon Seller Service Pvt. Limited, an affiliate of Amazon.com.

This is the top ecommerce site in India availing products for kids and baby care.The proprietor of the site has launched another online shopping site called goodlife.com recently into the market.

Some of it’s effect to regular market

An empty Westfield shopping centre at Shepherds Bush West London at lunchtime today (tuesday). Picture David Parker 31.7.12


STRATFORD, ENGLAND - JULY 31:  Shoppers peruse the outlets in the giant Westfield Stratford shopping mall adjacent to the Olympic Park on July 31, 2012 in London, England. Trading in the huge 1.9 million sq ft mall has been boosted by the footfall of spectators, volunteers and competitors from the Olympic Park; whilst shops and restaurants in London's West End are reporting up to 70% declines in revenue.  (Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)


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