The benefits of soybeans for your body: Must Know

Soybeans to your rescue When talked about the health factor of women. There are lots of food that are regarded as healthy for women. But not only women in fact every men on earth should think of having soybeans to the most as they are a house of protein. Today we have picked up one of them. Soybeans!! They are of many benefits if we take them into consideration. Let's get to know them well.   Benefits of Soybean   Helps in gaining weight [...]

Kaziranga National Park : A place to remember and visit

 The pride of Assam Needless to say, most of the people from every corner of the world knows or have heard about the proud of Assam. When saying about proud it certainly means the one horned Rhino! Where in Assam is it found? The national park named as Kaziranga National Park. But most people certainly do not know about the national park. So today here in this article we are going to give you detailed information upon The Kaziranga National [...]

Coconut Oil benefits for everyone- Get to know what are those

The goodness of coconut oil May have heard about a lot of people coming and say to you that Coconut Oil is this and that. Many health benefits have been seen to be made available from coconut oil. Today here in this article, we will be giving you some of the astonishing health benefits that can be derived from the oil of coconut. Benefits of coconut oil For hair- Needless to say almost everyone of us know that coconut oil has [...]

Assam tribes ad their traditional outfits: A detailed look

Tradition and Assam Assam is a place full of colors. There are varieties of culture that you can witness at Assam. Every tribe has their different values and attributes. Also they get to wear different kinds of attire as per their culture. Today we will be talking about their dresses in a bit of detail. Let’s start! The traditional dresses in Assam and its different tribes Assamese tribe: The primary traditional dress of Assam for women is Mekhela Chador which is mostly [...]

The prime festival of Assam- The Rongali Bihu ( Spring Festival)

Know about bihu Assam is quite a state full of colors and different types of culture. There are whole lots of tribes of people inhabiting in this country. With them comes the variant in festivals. But the core festival of Assam celebrated by the Assamese and also all other people living in Assam is Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu. We will be giving you a detailed article on this bihu.   About Rongali Bihu   Bihu is one of the most important festivals in [...]

Watermelon wonder: Healthy benefits to know about

WATERMELON FOR SUMMER AND ALWAYS   Summer is near and we already have this beautiful idea of getting those refreshing drinks to cool ourselves. This is the season of fruits that are both delicious and healthy for our body. Today we are going to talk about a very healthy yet great to eat fruit- WATERMELON!!!   Watermelons  as we know are a good source of water and hence are thirst quencher when it comes to those summer dry throats! But little do we [...]

Personal loans HDFC | Home Loans HDFC | Car loans HDFC

Getting loans has never been so easy. HDFC Bank has this wonderful scheme of providing loans at your disposal. Personal loans has become such an easy thing for you that you will be happy to know its benefits. Today in this article we are going to talk about the personal loans provided by HDFC Bank and their criterias.   Here's why you have to say yes to HDFC Home Loans They will provide you the loan for any personal reason you have. There [...]

ICICI Bank Personal Loans: ICICI Home Loans: ICICI Car Loans

ICICI Bank Personal Loans   Nowadays all types of banks are providing loans to its customers depending upon the need. Likewise, ICICI bank has also a great system of advancing personal loans to the needy with very easy transactions. Today we are going to give you the details about how ICICI bank can give you a loan. What are the benefits of taking a loan from ICICI Bank? There are no hidden cost Fast processing of the loan The interest rates are attractive as well [...]

SBI personal loans : How to Apply?

SBI PERSONAL LOANS   We all have many pending task that we wish to do just in order of getting the right amount of money to use for it. It is not always possible to get the required money at the time of need. Like if you want to go on a vacation, buy a gadget, any other personal needs etc.  But nowadays you do not feel the necessity to pressurize yourself and cut down on something else you might need [...]

How to Apply Personal Loan in Axis Bank?

Axis Bank Personal Loans   Axis bank as we all know is a private bank and offers the variety of loans. It's branches are spreading all over India and as well as it's users. As because it becomes necessary to increase the sales there has been a line of personal loans available at the disposal of the people in need.   Today we will be talking about some of the personal loans that you can avail of. There are lots of benefits in [...]

Benefits of lemon: Know how a glass of lemonade is Awesome!

LEMON NEEDS YOUR ATTENTION We often hear this line “When life gives you lemon; make lemonade”. Well what if there is more than just a refreshing drink that lemon has to offer us? Today on our article here, we will be sharing with you some of the uses of lemon that will surprisingly take over your life for the benefit at your side for sure. The tangy fruit that we are talking about here is a powerhouse of Vitamin C. [...]

Why we should visit Goa during summer? Five simple Reasons.

If planning GOA : plan in summer! Goa! The name itself is something that excites the hell out of a person because it is the place where you get to have unlimited fun. So today we pick Goa and give you five reasons to why we should visit Goa but during summers. Yes you heard that right. We have outlined some of the best reasons as to why visiting Goa during summer is really very fun. These points are based on [...]