Pigs are lovely animal if we talk about. Mostly they are loved as food and therefore, people do farming of these animals. Today here in this article we will be talking about how small pig farming in India can be done. There are some of the basic things that need to be taken care of and then you are totally good to go. Without any delay we should get going now.


Some of the benefits of pig farming

  • As pigs eat a lot, so they can get good conversion into meat. Thus investment in this farming is a good one to start with.
  • To feed pigs are the easiest because they almost eat everything that will be given to them. From fresh vegetable to rotten ones. So the cost is comparatively less.
  • The investment required to set up a pig farming business is very less. With a minimumamount you can get started.
  • It is quite a surprise that you get total consumable meat in a pig up to 60-80%.

Steps on how to start pig farming in India

  • A suitable place – The first and foremost thing to see while starting a pig farming business is that you have to get a suitable place. Pigs need a good wide area for their harvesting. So you need to find one.
  • Breeds – To select the accurate breed is equally imperative when it comes to pig farming. There are varieties of pig breeds you can choose from :-
  1. Large white Yorkshire
  2. Landrace
  3. Other breeds,
  • Feeding – Well, feeding the pigs aren’t a big of a deal. So all you can do is feed them right to get more output in the form of meat. And also you get to choose the best mineral supplement for them.
  • Care – Taking good care of the animals you are farming is the primary responsibility. All you got to do is make sure that they don’t catch any kind of disease and are always healthy because you will trade with their meat and if they are unhealthy your business will never work at all.
  • Management – Pig meat are always on demand. Be it domestic or international you will work it out really fine with the marketing section.

So basically, these are the most needed information you should be looking into in case of pig farming in India. Make sure you breed and farm the healthiest and tastiest pigs while starting with it.

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