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“Po” The Martial Art Panda Is Back In China

“Po” The Martial Art Panda Is Back In China


“Po” The Martial Art Panda Is Back In China , the new upcoming movie kung fu panda 3

Third Part of the Hollywood Hit Blockbuster animated movie Kung Fu Panda is back home.It was premiered in China bringing “Po” The Martial Art Panda Is Back In China.

The premiere was held on Monday, reports says

In contradiction to the first two films franchise’s, the new release is a team work between American gaint animation studio DreamWorks Animation (DWA), Oriental DreamWorks(ODW) a sister studio of DWA and China Film Co Ltd.

The CEO of DWA, Jeffrey Katzenberg told the media on Tuesday that the movie features details about Chinese culture.
Li Ruigang, The chair of (ODW) said the role Shanghai-based ODW is significant. OWD helps making the Pandas Looks more genuine. We hope it will come across as a Chinese-style animation made to the Hollywood production standard.

He also added that ODW was engaged with all previous production of The Blockbuster.
“In Kung Fu Panda 3” the life of Po is narrated in detail after his reunites with his real biological father: Li Shan. Who took him to a secret paradise of pandas focusing on themes of self-improvement and family values
According to the Director “Jennifer Yuh Nelson” the new film features a panda village based on Qingcheng Mountain in southwest China’s Sichuan Province, the Homeland of the Black and white Giants

She added everything was inspired by the original Chinese features, including traditional paper cut-outs on the windows, moss on the roofs and paintings on the beams.

She said the production team visited a panda breeding base in Sichuan, to observe the animal, which helped them to improve upon the previous digital modelling of the pandas’ fur and motions.

ODW went to great lengths to dub the film into Chinese, reanimating the characters’ mouths and facial expressions when they speak Chinese with pandas altering some of the jokes to better suit the Chinese audience.

Jack Black, who voices Po, said he watched the film three times and was excited for his children to see it, too.

The new film will hit screens in China and the US on January 29. The producers have high hopes for its release in China as it will be in cinemas for the Spring Festival, the week-long Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, in February.

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