Maybe never or ever you would have heard about this type of farming that we are going to talk about today.  The farming is known as layer poultry farming. We are going to give you a brief on how to do layer poultry farming in India easily. There are some poultry farming basics you should clear it out.

What is layer poultry farming?

Layer poultry farming is the farming where the cocks or hen lays egg and those egg produced are sold. These animals (cock and hen) get mature within 18-19 weeks and then they are ready to lay eggs. They continue laying eggs until the age of 72-78 weeks. The benefit of layer poultry farming is that, by just consuming 2.25kg of food they can lay around 1kg of eggs. This is one of the most beneficial farming in India.

Breeds to start farming

  • White egg layer breeds: The features of this kind of hen are that they are smaller in size, they eat less and their egg shell color is white. Some of the popular names of white egg layer breeds are-Isa White, Lehman White


Bab Cock BV-300

Havard White

Hi Sex White

Sever White

Hi line White

Bovanch White etc.

  • Brown egg laying hens breed: This breed is comparatively bigger in size than the white egg layer breeds. They also consume food a lot and the sizes of the eggs are also relatively bigger. This breed is known as brown egg laying hens because their eggs color is brown.

While choosing the breed you must be sure regarding which breed you want to choose because the breed will depend upon the type of layer farming you are into. You have to take care of the following-

  • The highest productivity is to be seen in case of laying eggs, so as to get a good production out of it.
  • Depending on the type the hens will lay eggs. All kind of hens do not lay the same amount of eggs.
  • If the hens have a tendency and the quality of laying the amount of eggs as desirable by your business, then you know that it is the best for your business.
  • Looking at the hatchery is very imperative before going for the buying of the hens.

Caring for the chicks

The chicks usually do not get into the habit of drinking enough water after all the transportation that happens. So it is mandatory that you get them into the habit of drinking and add at least 5% glucose in their water to keep them hydrated.


Why vaccination?

  • When you vaccinate the chicks on a regular basis it gives resistance
  • To keep the chicks free from infection
  • The mortality rate will decrease.
  • No infection will be needed.
  • More production due to more mortality.

Basic steps to be considered

While you are up to these steps mentioned earlier, you should also be careful regarding setting up of a poultry farm –

  • Be sure about the site and building
  • A prepared plan for rearing
  • Equipments and day to day marketing
  • A very serious point is the preparation of the house before every batch

So basically, these are the points you should be looking into while going for this profitable business. Take care of each and every point and you are good to go.

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