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Reservation System. Fortune or Misfortune?

Reservation System. Fortune or Misfortune? “A Confusion among the youth”

Actually i am a kid to write such controversial stuffs, though I want to share my view, may be it’s my madness or you can say temptation.

We never to sense the system in our life, are we reckless? I do think we have a brain to think on it, system of differentiation or we can say casteism pokes us frequently. Government uses this system as their trump card, giving reservation to some key caste just before 2 month of election, may be to maximize their votes.

This is insane! is this acceptable? who is going to pay for it? we the civilian we have nothing do with quota system, until we are a victim accused of it, assume a day without reservation, assume a day with caste equality where knowledge and talent will be honoured and taken care of.

I don’t have any problem with the system, but an incident last year spanked my butt, when a student with the worse quality just because of his quota stole a job from the best deserving student with loads of qualities, is it fair? does he not deserve “right to equality“? does this reservation system try to disobey our constitution?

Casteism is not freaky until we caught hold of the system, then we started bothering. It is better to be offended for lack of skill, not for the caste, irrespective of any caste, if someone really deserve to be reserved for then its all right but for sake of ones benefit, how we can take if for granted? This system is adding incentives to the emigrants, whatever happened to me i would not let it happen to my next generation. Is that why we have taken birth in such a holy place? hopefully we will be answered soon!

BY –Pall Thakuria

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