Russia to bring Science Fiction weapon to Reality

Russia to bring Science Fiction weapon to Reality

Russia to bring Science Fiction weapon to Reality

The destructor beam of science fiction may finally be a reality with Russia developing a radio-electronic weapons system that disables on-board equipment on aerial targets,

Harnessing physical principles — beam, wave and kinetic energy, the yet unrivalled weapons system was unveiled at the closed Russian Defence Ministry exhibition on the sidelines of the Army-2016 forum last month, Russia’s United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation said.

“Real models of these weapons have been already developed and have proved their effectiveness. This is a completely new type of weapon that has no equal either in this country or in the world,” a UIMC spokesperson told Russian news agency RIA Novosti on Thursday.

The UIMC spokesperson explained that the new weapons system uses a directed energy beam to disable ‘on board equipment’ on aerial targets to neutralise them.

“It has an indirect physical impact on air-borne equipment of planes and UAVs, and neutralises high-precision weapons

Using a concentrated stream of charged or neutral particles, containing high energy (electrons, protons, or neutral hydrogen atoms), particle beam weapons can direct strong thermal radiation, shock loads or X-rays against an object, which can result in death and destruction.

The main advantages of these types of weapons include their stealth and the immediate effect they have on their target. The main problem in using this weapon is the loss of energy over long distances, caused by the interaction of particles with atmospheric gases. Several scientific institutions actively worked on the development of beam weapons in the Soviet Union, but these never developed into any real combat models.

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